3-Storey Container House Project Temporary Housing Camp During Construction

Product: 20ft Container House
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: construction camp
Quantity: 1200 Units
Capacity:8000 People
Time: 2020
Location: Hebei

Project Details

Temporary Housing Solutions adopt prefabricated modular container construction methods. Among them, apartments and dormitories adopt prefabricated container structures, office buildings and service centers adopt light steel structures, and staff canteens and restaurants adopt prefabricated steel structures. Each dormitory in the camp can accommodate 6 people. For builders, the dormitory is equipped with air-conditioning, automatic laundry, sun drying room, and other facilities. The camp covers an area of 120,000 square meters, with a construction area of 97,000 square meters, and can accommodate more than 8,000 builders. It can meet the needs of COVID-19 prevention and control, but also save management costs.

Advantages of Container House

Fast installation

In 3 days, complete the cleaning of the 100,000 square meters construction site.
Within 5 days, the construction of the first batch of office areas was completed.
Within 20 days, complete the construction of the No. 1 dormitory building and surrounding supporting facilities, which can accommodate the first batch of 800 people.

One-stop customization

K-HOME provides a one-stop Portable Modular Buildings ordering service from design→customization→production→assembly→delivery.

Production standardization

The materials used in the K-HOME prefabricated container house adopt a standardized production process to ensure product quality, strict quality control, and high-standard factory inspection.

Environmentally friendly

The materials used in the prefabricated container house are all green building materials, with zero pollution, zero formaldehyde, rich in negative oxygen ions, and can be used after installation.

Short mass production period

K-HOME introduces advanced technology and equipment and can produce various standardized assembly parts in large quantities at the same time. Ensure the mass production period and complete batch engineering projects with high quality and high efficiency.

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