Portable Modular Buildings

Portable modular buildings are easily transportable with assembling and dissemble steel structures and insulated maintenance materials, they can be moved wherever needed. These portable demountable buildings are based on 20ft containers, The steel frame of these 20ft container units is fixed with bolts, and their joints are sealed with a sealant, it can be stacked and combined together into 3 layers, also, good waterproof is make it very practical in rainy weather. Now, portable modular offices, modular buildings for schools, construction site worker camps are popularly used.

Portable Modular Buildings

K-Home container house installation is an easy thing, we’ll supply step by step installation guide, you just need to fix all house components together with screws.
1. Flat cement foundation
2. Fix the steel structure and maintenance with screws and bolts.
3. Install the window and doors.
4. Seal the connection of the hour to avoid the leak problem

Is Portable Modular Building Safe?

  1. Weather Wear and Tear. The temporary modular buildings are premade in factories, so the housing material and manufacture process can’t see rain, and the house won’t damage during construction.

2. Approved Certificates: K-home modular container products are approved by ISO and CE certificate, all machines are equipped with advanced technology, so one factory with 3000 square meters can manufacture 500 units every month, the lead time is around 15 days, and some projects period can less than 5 days.

Best Solution For Construction Site Housing

K-Home portable modular buildings are applied to all industries, and the hottest industry is a construction site, portable modular office, 2-story portable buildings for field camp, also, this temporary building product can be modular buildings for schools.

  1. Portable modular office Solution
    The inside of them can expand or be divided to the meeting room, laundry room, toilet&shower room,

2.2-story portable field camp solution
K-Home demountable buildings can be stacked to 2 stories portable field camp, based on the site need, the camp can be expanded to the toilet room, shower room, recreation room, and others

3. modular buildings for schools solution
Portable buildings provide portable classrooms and portable school buildings, they can be delivered quickly once installed, We offer the flexibility to customize your modular school to your education need.

Based on our experience, many countries have different budget for their construction site project, so K-Home supply a large of solutions to meet everyone, so no matter what budget do you have, and what usage are you interested in, contact us to get one solution for free.

Portable modular building advantages

  1. Fast installation, Less site work.
  2. Save load capacity and budget
  3. Special drainage system to prevent rainwater
  4. Customized size: it can be customized to 10ft, 20ft, 40ft…
  5. Less ground requirement: the foundation of portable container is less requirement, it only need a flat ground.

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