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The sandwich panel house is a type of prefabricated house that is made of steel structure and sandwich panel. The sandwich panel is mainly used as the wall and roof material. This type of sandwich panel house is popular with its fast installation and low cost.

Its building process is more like assembly. You only need to assemble all the components according to the construction drawing on the construction site, which will save a lot of time and cost. At the same time, the sandwich panel house is an environmentally friendly building. It’s getting more and more popular used in different industries due to its technology development.


One-Stop Solution for Sandwich Panel House

K-Home can provide a one-stop solution based on the client’s requirements. We have a professional technician team that can provide floor plans, 3D designs, and structural calculations for clients. After the delivery, we will provide detailed installation documents for you including the installation manual, installation video, and construction drawings. If you need it, we can also send our engineer to your site for supervision. From design, production, and delivery, to installation, K-Home is your reliable proposal supplier.

What is Sandwich Panel House?

Sandwich panel house means the wall and roof material are used by sandwich panels. The sandwich panels have two galvanized steel sheets on double sides. Between two sheets there are core insulation materials. Different core materials have different features. The rock wool sandwich panel has an A-grade fire rating, which is the highest level for fireproof. The PU sandwich panel performs best in insulation effect. The EPS sandwich panel has the most competitive price. If you have a tight budget, you can choose this type of panel for walls and roofs.

Main Advantages of Sandwich Panel House

1. Durable

Due to the improvement of the design and production technology, the panel construction homes are totally different from what people think. Its main structure is a steel structure, which is made of galvanized steel and has good performance on resistance to high wind and deformation caused by earthquakes. The design service life of the prefab sandwich panel house is about 15 years.

Besides, the wall and roof panel we choose for the house are all rock wool sandwich panels, which has A-grade fire resistance. It means that the rock wool is not combustible. This feature can guarantee the safety of the people and property. In construction camps, fire is a common danger. For electricity accessories, we will also provide insulated trunking to avoid accidents.

2. Elegant & Comfortable

You have multiple choices on the sandwich panels. It varies in thickness, core materials, and steel plate material. Generally, the sandwich panel walls have a good performance on the insulation and fire retardant. And it will not take much place in the area, making a spacious room. The sandwich panel room can be customized as you require. You can design it freely no matter how many bedrooms or living rooms you need. The sandwich panel house construction will come with ceilings, floors, windows, and doors. You can either move indirectly after the assembly or make a second decoration.

3. Fast Installation

If you need to build a house in a short time, then this prefab sandwich panel house is your ideal option. After you confirmed the design, we will produce all the materials in our factory in advance, and then transport them to your site. There is not much site process work that needs to do. Five proficient workers can install 100 square meters in one day.

4. Wide Application

The sandwich panel prefabricated house can not only be used for family living. It can also be used for public buildings, such as worker dormitories, temporary classrooms, administrative offices, kitchen & dining halls, etc. Due to the highly efficient production line, we can produce and deliver our modular house to you quickly no matter where you are. Since it will be installed on-site, so even in a remote area, the materials can be easily transported.

5. Easy Move

The sandwich panel constructions are designed connected by bolts and screws, not by welding. So if you want to move it for repeat use that would be easier. You can disassemble it and then transport the sandwich panel home to another location for assembly.

6. Customized Design

Metal sandwich panel house can be designed as you require. For different projects, our professional technician team will customize the drawing based on the actual needs. If you want to make your house more modern and unique, we can also add a layer of decoration panel to the house. The decoration panel has different colors and patterns to choose from. Besides, the roof also has different shapes including single slope roofs, double slope roofs, and hipped roofs of your choice.

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