Construction Site Cabins

K-home is a leading manufacturer and supplier of construction site cabins in China. Site cabins, also known as portable container homes, are used to provide offices, accommodation, and welfare facilities during construction projects. Site cabins are made with quality materials and designed to be insulated, fireproof and soundproof, making them the most reliable and sustainable construction site container housing solution in the temporary construction market. Construction site cabins can be used as stand-alone units or can be connected or stacked together to form multi-story complexes. Whether it’s oilfield, pipeline laying, mining, or construction sites, our site cabins are suitable for many different industries.

Get in touch with our Onsite Cabin team for a range of onsite housing ideas. Keep your team motivated with comprehensive solutions for toilets, locker rooms, secure storage, and more.

Comfortable construction site cabins

No matter how big or small, all those working in the construction industry need to operate extremely efficient and organized sites that provide the right office and accommodation for your team. As a site manager, you also need to provide your employees with suitable welfare facilities and safe and secure storage of equipment and materials, etc. That’s why we have designed our products to be mobile, easy to assemble, sustainable, durable, configurable, and economical. Construction site cabins are made of high-quality materials and can withstand harsh weather conditions and site environments for up to 15 years. They are more cost-effective than traditional buildings and wooden buildings on the market today. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our construction site cabins.

K-home has a large selection of customizable construction site cabin units, and our sales team will listen carefully to your requirements to ensure you get the office and accommodations you need to deliver a productive workspace on time. We are committed to providing high-quality construction site cabins with high-quality and efficient sales, management, transportation, and after-sales service.