Contruction Site Containers

Construction Site Containers are designed by 20 ft detachable container house, which standard size 5950mm(L) *3000mm(W) *2850(H) mm/unit. Construction Containers are all made of steel, with a strong anti-seismic, anti-deformation ability, The sealing performance is good, the manufacturing process is strict so that the product has good water resistance. It can be stacked and combined together customized. Due to it is lightweight and easy to assemble and movable, it is popularly used in the construction site as project manager’s office, meeting room, workers camp, canteen, dining room, supermarket, laundry room, changing room, washroom, bathroom, storage, etc. Because of the convenient mobility of container houses, container houses are also mostly used for field operations, such as field exploration and construction mobile studios, field container dormitories, etc.

Product Details

SizeStandard Size: 5950*3000*2850mm   
Performance indexHeat insulationλ=0.048W/m.KWindproof0.60kN/sqm
Sound insulationSound insulation loss≥30dBFireproofGrade A
WaterproofSound insulation 360 degrees bite, organized drainage, precipitation 16mm/ min, no leakage.Quakeproof Grade 9
Ground bearing capacity2.0kN/sqmFloor live load1.1kN/sqm
StructureStructural sectionGround girder: 160mm, galvanized beam 3.0mm thick;
Ground secondary beam: specification 100*50*1.8mm, 9pcs galvanized square tubes;
Column: 210*150 mm, galvanized beam 3.0 mm thick;
Roof main beam: 180mm, galvanized beam 3.0mm thick;
Roof secondary beam: 80*40*1.5mm thick, 7pcs galvanized square pipes;
Structural connectionM12*30 high strength bolt
surface treatmentElectrostatic spraying plastic powder baking paint≥80μm
WallboardRock wool boardThe color steel composite board is 75mm in thickness, 1150mm in width, 0.426mm in thickness, attached with PE film, white gray in color, and free of embossing on double-sided flat plate; the bulk density of rock wool is 80kg/ M~3, and the combustion performance is A-class non combustible.
RoofingRoof panelRoof tile: color steel veneer bite thickness 0.426 mm, 360 ° bite
Insulation layerIt has a thickness of 50 mm, a bulk density of 14 kg / M~3, and a class of incombustible
Ceiling831 strip ceiling board, 0.4mm
FloorStructural plateCement fiberboard, thickness 18mm
FloorsPVC floor leather, 2.0 mm thick, seamless
DoorEntrance doorsSteel suit door, size>w840mm × h2040mm, fireproof door lock
WindowExternal windowUPVC series plastic steel sliding window, size: w1125mm x H1100 mm x 2 μm; 5 + 9 + 5 insulating glass with anti-theft net and screen window
DecorateInterior decorationThe inner corner is 0.5mm color steel folding piece, the column edge is 0.5mm color steel folding piece, and the skirting line is PVC
ElectricalLightLED strip lamp x 2 sets, 15W/ set
Socket10A five hole socket x 3 or 36V low voltage 4-hole USB panel x 3, 16a air conditioning socket x 1
SwitchSingle key switch x 1
Power Distribution BoxConcealed distribution box x 1
CEE industrial plug220V,50Hz,3P32A x 1,
Cable lineHousehold line: 3*6 square meters, air conditioning socket: 3*4 square meters, five hole sockets: 3*2.5 square meters, lighting: 2*1.5 square meters

  • It can be customized with scientific space module calculation method, ranging from a single room to several floors, such as office, dormitory, classroom, hospital, laboratory, security room, villa, etc;
  • Environmental protection, do not need to use a lot of bricks, asbestos tiles, and other materials, no residual construction waste;
  • Overall beautiful, can be randomly placed doors and windows, arbitrary indoor partition;
  • Economic can be customized according to a personal budget.
  • Construction site containers are made of natural materials and are almost 100% recyclable. They deliver great environmental benefits (thermal insulation, sound reduction) to present an adaptable, versatile, and sustainable modular solution
  • K-home construction site containers can be shipped assembled or to keep transport cost to a minimum, supplied flat-packed for on-site installation with just the minimum of tools. Construction site containers can also be easily disassembled after use and transferred to a new location.

Construction Site Housing Solutions

Construction companies require temporary modular, rugged, plug-and-play house solutions that are delivered and installed at the beginning of a construction project and conveniently removed when the project is done.

K-home has the largest selection of Containerized Housing units to meet any need and budget. Our containers can be on your site quickly, perfectly configured, and outfitted with everything you need, from bolts to furniture, so your people can get in and get right to work.

K-home as a construction container house company can provide one-stop solutions from design, production, delivery to installation for clients all over the world. No matter you need a container for accommodation, office, school, shop, or any other uses; we can customize a solution for you for free.

Construction Site Containers Advantages

  • Perfect for modular/prefab site offices, cabins, warehouse, villa, toilet, shop, hotel, camp, office.
  • Easy for low-skilled workers to assemble.
  • Efficient, low-cost designs that can be customized for end-user requirements.
  • The light steel frame structure is strong and reliable.
  • Many modular units can be stacked and linked together to create more space.
  • Neat inside: plumbing and wires are hidden into the sandwich panel.
  • Easy to transport by sea or by truck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Container type house evolved from shipping containers, using the “factory prefabrication + on-site installation” model. After the structural construction and interior decoration of each module are completed in the factory assembly line, they are transported to the project site and quickly assembled into a container house building, reducing the house construction time by more than 60% compared with traditional buildings. It has different styles according to different purposes and functions. In the traditional construction mode, the foundation must be piled up brick by brick at the construction site, while the container building introduces the shipping container element into the assembled construction system, retaining the concept of container shape, and integrating the overall movement and hoisting Features.

The following are the reasons for the popularity of container house:

  • No construction waste is generated on the construction site, and after the project is demolished, no construction waste will be left behind, and the resident environment will not be damaged.
  • Modular design, easy disassembly and assembly, superior performance, reasonable space design according to the functional requirements of the use, “as you wish” combination on the basis of basic modules, to meet the various requirements of space and shape.
  • The service life of the prefab container house can reach more than 20 years, can be used for recycle, no damage, low cost, especially suitable for construction sites where the resident is frequently changed.

Container houses are generally used in all areas of society. They are not only used for short-term and long-term construction sites and on-site office space, but also increasingly used as long-term apartment rooms, commercial rooms, restaurant rooms, and shop rooms. Its environmental protection and energy saving advantages, ease of assembly, sensitivity, safety, comfort and practicality, and low-cost benefits are more and more popular and liked by people.

As a leading of container house manufacturer in China, K-home has been adopting green design concepts and the mission of “making temporary buildings safer and more comfortable”, innovative and unique high-tech, and vigorously develops energy-saving, Prefabricated integrated houses with environmental protection and other characteristics. K-home has achieved standardized production, equipped with a complete supply chain management system and professional logistics, installation services, and after-sales service systems to provide global customers with a full range of temporary housing solutions.

All Our Structure Are Modular Design

The prefab container house is our most newest type of design since 2019. We have updated many items to make the structure more safe and reasonable. As following is our advantage:

1. More Sturdy and Durable

Both our bottom and roof purlin quantity are increased. Other suppliers is 10pcs and ours are 14pcs for bottom. The main frame of the product is pressed by special steel plate and have 4 pcs 160x160x2480mm column, which is sturdy and durable, and has strong earthquake resistance and deformation resistance.

2. Complete Drainage System

We modified the water drain system, each column are designed and equipped with 4 water drain pipe. and we design big water drain channel for roof structure,even for big rain, the house will be very water-proof.

The drainage system of the container house is composed of four water channels and downpipes. When it rains, the rainwater on the roof will be collected into the water channel and then flow down through the downpipe of the corner posts to provide an orderly drainage system to achieve better drainage and Easier rainwater collection.

3. Stable And Firm

The container house could stacked for 3 floor. Our column and roof, and corner joints are stronger , You could move the house very safely and quickly.

4. Fireproof And Soundproof

Thickened rock wool wall panel is Class A fireproof, and the side panels have special sound insulation and heat insulation fillers, which can play the role of heat insulation, sound insulation, cold protection and fire prevention.Can be moved multiple times, reused, hoisted as a whole, the service life is more than 20 years.

• Research the building regulations in your area: different cities may have different rules and regulations for the construction of container houses. Before starting to build a house, make sure that you are familiar with the issues related to approval and are ready to consult with relevant departments such as the local planning bureau. Of course, the current container construction projects we have completed have been recognized in most countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

• Drawing/plans: Before buying container house, make sure you have prepared or designed the layout. If not, please send us your requirements for size and layout. K-home has professional engineers who can provide you with a complete construction plan.

• Geographical environment/climate characteristics: roof design, floor board material selection, drainage pipe design, etc., We need to choose more suitable materials and designs according to your geographic environment and climate characteristics.

Purchase all containers from the same manufacturer  

There may be slight differences in quality and size of containers from different manufacturers. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a manufacturer that suits your needs and purchase them in a unified manner.

• Find the right contractor  

Choosing the right contractor can avoid detours, reduce construction time, ensure a smooth construction process, and solve many possible problems.

• Transportation: Before any transaction, confirm the transportation cost and delivery period.