Flat Pack Container Office

The flat pack container house is suitable for many occasions and can be temporarily placed in places where there is demand, such as offices on construction sites, temporary commercial offices, etc., especially in some temporary special situations, the container house can play a huge role.
The facilities inside can be decorated into the same layout, same office, and the same enjoyment as traditional house office facilities, but on this basis, the container office has more prominent features, the key point is its flexibility It can be said that it is an advantage that ordinary offices do not have. It is easy to carry and can be carried as a whole or dismantled. However, after dismantling, customers can recycle it. When emergencies occur, such as Natural disasters, it can also be used as a temporary office in the field as a command room.

Flat Pack Container Office

Advantages of Flat Pack Container House

When it comes to flat pack container houses, everyone is accustomed to thinking that this kind of prefab house that workers usually live in at work site doesn’t seem to be something that deserves everyone’s attention, but in fact, more and more people are willing to build can be in the place they like container house for living or using an office. This kind of home can meet everyone’s desire to change the living and office, and it is simple and easy. So, what are the advantages of flat pack container houses in the field of mobile office?

Container house is a new type of building material and structural form, with short construction period, convenient transportation, light weight, safety and environmental protection, strong plasticity, land saving and energy saving. It can be moved freely and can also be disassembled and recycled. The utilization rate is fully in line with the requirements of vigorously developing green buildings.

Advantage 1: Easy to relocate
The container house can be moved quickly at any time, and only a forklift can be used to move the whole short distance.

Advantage 2: Low foundation requirements
The container house has no special requirements for the foundation. If it does not need to be used in combination, even if the location of the container house is muddy, no foundation treatment is required. The box room can be transported to the site and connected to an external power source. Ready to use without on-site installation and power distribution.

Advantage 3: No need for secondary decoration, can be used directly
The interior of the container house is fully decorated, just like you usually see in a normal office.
The common configuration is: 2 built-in lights and 2 sockets. Simply connect to an external power source using the external cables that come with the container house. are safe to use. The interior is fully furnished with built-in external electricity, air conditioning, electricity, lighting, table and chairs and is ready to use.

Advantage 4: The service life is more than 20 years.
With a service life of at least 20 years, it can be used and moved repeatedly without disassembly and assembly and without material loss. Suppose a project is counted as 2 years. Once done, it can be relocated in whole or in part to another new project location, so that at least 7 projects can be completed without repeating other builds.

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Flat Pack Container House Applications

You may consider it which kind of building is suitable to build them by flat pack containers. Why we should use flat pack containers for this building? Actually, more and more people feel the advantage of the container house and they made a very good correct decision when they want to build the following houses after they comparing so many different prefab houses solutions.

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