Man Camp Workforce Housing for Construction Site in Zhengzhou

Product: Container Camp Construction
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Man camp
Quantity: 80 Units
Time: 2019
Location: Zhengzhou

Man Camps Workforce Housing is always settled in a remote area, that’s because the remote site needs more development, and in this area, the transportation and the characteristics of modernization are not obvious enough, you may difficult to find a shelter when rains, or buy a bottle of water when you feel thirsty.

Therefore, if the construction site needs very comprehensive supporting facilities here, in addition to the dormitory, it also needs to have offices, a restaurant, a kitchen, a gym, a laundry room, shower rooms, and toilet rooms. To find a complex Mobile Workforce Housing is very necessary.

In order to provide solutions for these places, after years of research and improvement at K-Home, the container house now has fast assemble, movable, durable, low cost and multi-functional features.

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  1. 30 days total from production to ready to use.
  2. Basic furniture are also need including in.
  3. This is a turn-key project.
  4. Foundation also needs to solve by us.
  5. They need different function rooms, including management office, staff office, management dormitory, staff dormitory, and worker dormitories, toilet rooms, shower rooms, laundry rooms, small shops, storage room, etc.

Man Camp Workforce Housing Solutions

  1. To solve the very tighten production and assemble period, all items choose modular size and standard configuration could meet this strict requirement.
  2. The foundation need long time to make the ground in leveled, so when we make production send a team to their site starts working for the foundation of the Temporary Workforce Housing.
  3. Firstly confirm with them about the land size, then we know how many units container house need total, then based on their daily working schedule, and there prefer, we make a detail internal layout.
  4. Due to all the items of the Remote Workforce Housing is the same, so we could confirm with them the detail internal layout when we assemble the whole structure.
  5. We have long-term cooperation clients who can provide furniture to us, so once we confirm the design, choose the suitable size furniture then send to our clients for choose. All the production could starts at the same time.


They were surprised that we were able to complete the construction of this Mobile Workforce Housing in such a short period of time. The workers could put in the work on the new site in time, and the room was bright and comfortable, with good heat insulation, sound insulation, and fire prevention effects, and the quality was good. They refreshed their understanding of temporary buildings and will continue to cooperate if necessary in the future.

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