100×70 Steel Auto Shop In Kenya

Product: Steel Structure Workshop
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Auto Shop
Area: 630 ㎡
Time: 2020
Location: Kenya

Steel Auto Shop
Steel Auto Shop In Kenya

100×70 Steel Auto Shop In Kenya

The owner of a private auto shop in Kenya is very interested in our PEB steel structure buildings and wants to invest in building a Steel Auto Shop in Kenya. He wants to expand his business territory through this investment. What a brain plan!

Compared with other structures, the steel structure building has advantages in terms of use function, design, construction, and comprehensive economy; because steel structure buildings have lightweight, have high reliability, have good seismic resistance, and good impact resistance. Moreover, steel structure manufacturing has a high degree of industrialization and can be assembled accurately and quickly, so it is widely used in daily construction.

To sum up, the steel frame building is suitable for an innovative construction structural system. The steel structure can be used to design new building types of various shapes, scales, and spaces according to people’s different aesthetics and different functional requirements. The manufacturer can complete it with high precision, high quality, and high speed so that the building can achieve both beautiful and economic effects.

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This client has purchased container offices in our company before. He is very satisfied with our company’s service and product quality, so they found us again this time. But he did not know much about Steel Auto Shop, he only provided the dimensions of the land. We are very grateful for the trust of our customers, but designing a Steel Auto Shop is very complicated and requires professional engineers to go through rigorous calculations. Not only to ensure safety but also to ensure that the design is reasonable. It is not simply to only know the size of the land; we also need to understand the local climate, the environment of the construction site, etc.


In order to provide customers with the most economical solution, our team of engineers and designers first has a basic understanding of the local environment. Our engineers and designers have more than ten years of experience in the industry. And have completed many steel structure buildings designs.

If you’re going to build a steel structure building, but you don’t know much about it, you can also just provide the following questions:

  1. Should the steel structure building need to bear the big wind? What is the max wind speed in the area?
  2. Should the steel structure building need to bear the heavy load of rain and snow? Please share with us the max rain and snow load for the steel structure building roof pls.
  3. Is there an earthquake in the area?
  4. Is the steel structure building need to bear harsh environments such as highly humid environments, Corrosive gas, etc.?
  5. Most important, is your local government accept China design standards for steel structure building? Since all our designs will follow china’s standards.

For the next work, please feel free to leave it to us, we will provide you with a one-stop service, including design, production, transportation, installation, etc.


The Steel Auto Shop was successfully built, and the customer is very satisfied with our product and service. And say: “I like the fact that your company provides an engineer to assist with the structure’s design of the customer’s product”

Why Steel Auto Shop?

  1. Compared with traditional buildings, steel auto shops can better meet the requirements of flexible separation of large bays in buildings. By reducing the cross-sectional area of ​​columns and using lightweight wall panels, the area utilization rate can be improved, and the indoor effective use area can be increased by about 6%.
  2. The energy-saving effect is good. The wall adopts lightweight energy-saving standardized prefabricated sandwich panels instead of clay bricks, which have good thermal insulation performance and save 50% of energy.
  3. The use of steel structure systems in daily buildings can give full play to the good ductility, strong plastic deformation ability of steel structure, and excellent seismic and wind resistance performance, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of steel auto shops.
  4. The total weight of the building is light, and the weight of the steel structure system is light, which is about half of the concrete structure, which can greatly reduce the foundation cost.
  5. The construction speed is fast, and the construction period is at least one-third shorter than that of traditional buildings. so the comprehensive cost can be reduced by 5%. Accelerate capital turnover and greatly improve investment efficiency.
  6. Good environmental protection effect. The amount of sand, stone, and ash used in the construction of steel auto shops is greatly reduced, and the materials used are mainly green, recyclable, or degradable materials.
  7. Has a high-cost performance. The architectural style is flexible and solid. Large bay design, indoor space can be divided into multiple schemes to meet the different needs of users.

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