Prefab Metal Buildings

Product: Prefab Metal Buildings
Manufactured by: K-HOME
Purpose of Use: Warehouse
Area: 2000 ㎡
Time: 2022
Location: China

Prefab Metal Buildings

Prefabricated Metal & Steel Buildings for Sale

The beauty of prefabricated steel buildings is that they can provide clear spans of interior space that can meet the needs of almost any client. Applications are endless. We’ll discuss this in more detail later, but suffice it to say that our buildings are suitable for industrial, commercial, residential, agricultural, and recreational use.

Prefabricated Metal & Steel Buildings

Prefab Metal Buildings Design

The metal construction of prefabricated elements, also called prefabricated elements or prefabricated metal constructions, manufacturer’s specification. We can choose from a wide variety of designs, and all of them can be customized on request, using specialized software and other design tools.

Prefab Metal Buildings materials

Because this type of building is built before the design is complete, the components and panels can be fabricated as required, which minimizes the need for steel and achieves a lighter structure. All products are from the manufacturer.
Each workpiece will undergo precision rolling, cutting, stamping, marking, and other processes, so that the toolbox can be assembled as easy as possible when it arrives on site. This package includes all components: components, panels, and fasteners, which are tested before shipping.

Prefab Metal Buildings Base

Prefabricated elements have the advantage of known weight, which simplifies foundation design. Plus, because prefab buildings use custom components, less steel is needed to make them, which makes the building lighter and requires simpler and heavier foundations.

Prefab Metal Buildings Framing

For each designed building, primary and secondary framing members are custom-made. The main structure can use strong and light tapered members instead of standard H-beams. The second part is the Z and C types.
No field cutting is required to make the proper frame members, they are simply screwed together in a factory-designed way.

Prefab Metal Buildings Expansion and Repair

Prefabricated steel structure buildings have obvious expandability and can be easily customized according to new uses. These new pieces can easily be bolted to either side or added to the top of an existing structure.
Documents covered by the original engineer facilitate future redesign efforts and simplify the permitting process. If a part of the house is damaged, it is easy to repair, usually with replacement parts provided by the original manufacturer.

Prefab Metal Buildings Durability

The humble little shack you can see from the roadside, prefabricated steel buildings have been around for a long time. Multi-story or long-span buildings can be pre-engineered, between the two structures, to last for decades, and to be dismantled and moved as needed.
Each prefab unit conforms to local building standards and requirements. Special connections and frame designs are made for seismically active areas or other environmental concerns.

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How Long Do Prefab Metal Buildings Last?

The service life of a steel structure house is generally around 50-80 years, but there are many factors that affect the service life, including construction quality, steel specifications and bearing weight, etc., so the specific number of years depends on the actual situation; some houses are anti-corrosion If the fire prevention is done well, the lifespan can exceed one hundred years, but the house must be regularly repaired during use, which can effectively prolong its service life.

Prefab Metal Buildings Supplier

We Khome have quite good experience in highly customized Prefab Metal Buildings.
In 2021, we finished a very similar PEB building for Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation Philippine Power Plant Project Therequirement are quite similar to your project. The average Cost is around USD80~120.00 per square Meter for a Hurricane-resistant structural design. If you have your own camp plan yet for our reference, we can start our design work once we have the design requirement.