Prefab Warehouse Buildings Project in Belize

Product: Steel Structure Warehouse
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Warehouse
Area: 437 ㎡
Time: 2021
Location: Belize

steel structure warehouse
Steel Structure Warehouse

Prefab Warehouse Buildings Project in Belize

Belize Steel Pipe International Company was established in 2008 and its main business is the production of steel pipes and corrugated plates. With its rapid development, they plan to invest 320,000 US dollars to expand the steel structure warehouse, covering an area of 437 square meters.


Belize purchasing manager found us through Their project is in a hurry and needs to start construction in two months. However, they did not have planning drawings and did not know what useful parameters should be provided. They only provided the length and span size.


Due to the urgency of the project time, our team organized an online meeting, discussed more project details with the manager as soon as we received inquiry. such as detailed dimensions, wind load, snow load, earthquake resistance level, etc. After two days, we customized the most suitable solution, steel structure design drawings, and quotation information, according to customer needs. Finally, customers were impressed by our efficient service and affordable prices. It only took two weeks from the first inquiry to the transaction.


Belize Steel Pipe International Company is very satisfied with the Prefab Warehouse Buildings and service of Khome and they have shown tremendous interest in our steel structure buildings. The next cooperation is well expected.
Along with the expansion of our business, Khome will be chosen by more and more clients. We will continue to provide customers with the most secure, reliable, efficient, and reasonable Pre Engineered Building ​solutions and high-quality products.

Why Choose Us?

Khome steel structure building is a prefabricated building structure system. It connects H-shaped, C-shaped, Z-shaped, and U-shaped steel components to form the mainframe; various plates are used as roofs and walls, and are equipped with A complete building system is formed with components, doors, and windows.

Steel structure industrial buildings can be divided into the following types:

Industrial plants, warehouses, workshops, breeding farms (chicken farms, cattle farms, etc.), airports (hangars), steel structure laboratories, greenhouses, etc.

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