Construction Camp Buildings

One of the main points facing construction sites is to provide construction camp buildings on construction sites located in remote areas. K-Home Modular Buildings provides an ideal solution for camp construction. Our team can quickly provide customized design, construction, and installation to help you quickly build the camp dormitory and ensure that the project starts as planned. The prefab employee housing can be easily dismantled and installed in another location without causing damage to environmental pollution.

K-Home can provide modular dormitory ranging from 20 to 1,000 people. In addition, it can also provide a comfortable rest environment, restaurant, commercial kitchen, entertainment venue, laundry room, or office for the camp. After many years of use, the personnel camp facilities can be easily expanded through additional buildings to meet demand.

Construction Camp Buildings

Compared with traditional houses, the advantages of the construction site camp structure can be moved quickly and can be delivered in a shorter time. Since the wallboard used in our modular container is thermally insulating, it provides good sound insulation and thermal insulation effects. Rain and snow water does not penetrate into the building. In this way, it can be used in bad weather conditions. And it is fire-resistant. All wall panels and roof structures are fire-resistant rock wool materials. The MGO floor of floor covering is not only fireproof but also easy to clean.

Also, there are more advantages as follows:

The Modular Dormitory Can Be Easily Installed In a Short Time!

The job site living quarters are produced in accordance with international standards, and the design is comfortable, which can be produced in a short time and start the installation phase. All production is carried out in the factory, and the installation phase can be carried out on site. After installation, they can be easily moved when needed.

K-Home has mastered advanced production technology and equipment. We produce 2,4×6 or 3×6 accommodation containers for different areas. The materials we use to make the workers’ dormitory resistant to changing climatic conditions, heat, and cold. If there is rain in the area, we can customize a secondary roof for your dormitory. We have an installation guidance team overseas. If there is no purchase and installation experience in the local area, our overseas team will provide installation guidance on site.

Construction Camp Buildings Price

The K-Home container will help you save 50% of your budget, but the price will vary depending on the size and configuration. Our products are very affordable and the most competitive in the industry. You can get the construction camp buildings’ price directly from the company by specifying your size and needs. Compared with traditional houses, the dormitory containers we provide are not only attractive in price. The steel structure of the house is very competitive in terms of hardness and thermal insulation.

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