construction camp buildings

One of the main points facing construction sites is to provide construction camp buildings on construction sites located in remote areas. K-Home can provide the best camp construction services. Our team can quickly provide customized design, construction, and installation to help you quickly build the camp dormitory and ensure that the project starts as planned. The prefab employee housing can be easily dismantled and installed in another location without causing damage to environmental pollution.

K-Home can provide modular dormitories ranging from 20 to 1,000 people. In addition, it can also provide a comfortable rest environment, restaurant, commercial kitchen, entertainment venue, laundry room, or office for the camp. After many years of use, the personnel camp facilities can be easily expanded through additional buildings to meet demand.

Camp Construction Services

K-HOME is a one-stop steel structure house supplier integrating design, manufacturing, transportation, and installation guidance. It has three factories with more than 15 years of manufacturing experience. It designs and manufactures offices, camps, residences, and schools for customers. He has rich experience in construction in other areas. Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and won their praise. At the same time, we are constantly improving and updating to meet different needs.

We provide employees with a comfortable home-like accommodation environment and provide dining areas, entertainment areas, and living areas for camps in remote areas. Even in areas that are thousands of miles away, it will not reduce the staff’s accommodation benefits, thereby increasing the enthusiasm of the staff and ensuring the orderly progress of the work.

K-home Prefabricated Homes range includes construction site accommodation, beams, and buildings, bringing modern design and facilities to man camps around the world. From on-site worker accommodation to commercial kitchens, offices, bathrooms, and more, we can design and manufacture a complete range of transportable, modular construction camp buildings.

On remote construction sites, worker comfort is paramount to employee satisfaction and engagement. Modular construction site buildings are designed to provide maximum comfort for construction site workers, even in harsh climatic conditions. Basic and advanced options allow the building to be customized to meet the needs of workers, visitors, management, and support staff. Your team can enjoy the comfort of air-conditioned spaces, natural and LED lighting, carpeted floors, kitchen and bathroom facilities as in any conventional building.

The construction site camp can be deployed quickly to reduce the time before the site is put into use. Each building is transported to the construction camp ready for installation, reducing traffic movement and disruption on site. Facilities such as accommodation, ablutions, and offices can be added at any time to accommodate the growth of the construction site as the project expands. When the project ends, each moveable construction site housing can be transported to a new location.

Camp Construction Solutions

Compared with traditional houses, the advantages of the construction site camp structure can be moved quickly and can be delivered in a shorter time. Since the wallboard used in our modular container is thermally insulating, it provides good sound insulation and thermal insulation effects. Rain and snow water does not penetrate into the building. In this way, it can be used in bad weather conditions. And it is fire-resistant. All wall panels and roof structures are fire-resistant rock wool materials. The MGO floor of floor covering is not only fireproof but also easy to clean.

Also, there are more advantages as follows:

The Modular Camp Can Be Easily Installed In a Short Time!

The job site living quarters are produced in accordance with international standards, and the design is comfortable, which can be produced in a short time and start the installation phase. All production is carried out in the factory, and the installation phase can be carried out on site. After installation, they can be easily moved when needed.

K-Home has mastered advanced production technology and equipment. We produce 2,4×6 or 3×6 accommodation containers for different areas. The materials we use to make the workers’ dormitory resistant to changing climatic conditions, heat, and cold. If there is rain in the area, we can customize a secondary roof for your dormitory. We have an installation guidance team overseas. If there is no purchase and installation experience in the local area, our overseas team will provide installation guidance on site.

Construction Camp Buildings Price

The K-Home container will help you save 50% of your budget, but the price will vary depending on the size and configuration. Our products are very affordable and the most competitive in the industry. You can get the construction camp buildings’ price directly from the company by specifying your size and needs. Compared with traditional houses, the dormitory containers we provide are not only attractive in price. The steel structure of the house is very competitive in terms of hardness and thermal insulation.

Oil field Camp Construction

This year, as a result of COVID-19, various resources have become scarce. Oil extraction has become more important and difficult than ever.

As the oil industry booms, the issue of accommodation for oil field worker housing looms large. How can we make workers’ accommodation more secure, comfortable and safe? While saving costs for contractors and investors?

We at K-Home have over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting containerized housing. And we are committed to solving the problem of workers’ accommodation for various construction projects. A container house is a temporary building that is quick to install, inexpensive, and easy to transport.

We have abandoned the traditional welded houses and adopted a new type of bolted connection, which makes the houses more flexible and can be combined at will according to the actual needs of our customers.

We provide not only Oil field Camp dormitories for workers but also conference rooms, offices, dining rooms, toilets, showers, laundry rooms, and so on. At the same time, we can provide matching furniture, such as beds, tables, wardrobes, air conditioning, etc. (according to your needs).

For the protection of the workers, we will also provide a temperature measuring room. Workers will need to have their temperatures taken at work each day and monitored in time to protect everyone.

If you would like to provide accommodation for workers in the oil, mining, construction, and other industries, we can provide a complete solution to suit your site.

K-home worked with the Kenya National Petroleum Corporation to provide full facilities for 400 people at the pipeline construction site, including offices, accommodation, and canteen using the flat pack container house, as well as external pipework facilities, electrical installations, and all furniture and electronic accessories. The first phase of this project was to provide a total of 400 flat-pack containers which were designed, manufactured, transported, and assembled on-site by K-home. This is an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) project (Camp Solutions).

Container Camp Construction Development and Usage Area

Container Camp Construction began to enter a phase of rapid development, more and more people began to focus on container housing, container housing is no longer limited to construction site construction, began to enter other areas of construction. The container housing unit is a standard rectangular structure of the new steel building, can be based on a single container house, combined with a variety of different functions and requirements of the house.

Container construction is generally rectangular, can be easily combined and stacked to expand, can also be made into a variety of different colors, and then decorated so that the good container housing in appearance and ordinary housing is not much different.

At present, the container housing unit is generally used in construction sites, can do office, dormitory, kitchen, bathroom, kiosk, etc., can also be used for road construction temporary housing, municipal office temporary housing, etc., can also be used for large activities exhibition hall, lounge, bathroom, etc., so the container housing can be easily transferred, the display of goods with the quick box room exhibition hall together with the transfer, convenient and flexible, do not have to re-pack and then arrange, save time, will not damage the exhibits, to maintain the integrity of the exhibits.

At present many communication industries have also begun to use modular container houses to do transit station carriers, loading signal transmitters, and other related communication equipment. This container housing carrier can be manufactured in a unified manner, the appearance and structure made into a unified model, intuitive and simple.

This container house carrier can be produced and dispatched in a uniform manner. With urban construction and road construction, container housing will play an increasingly large role.

Container housing is a new type of steel structure building, manufacturing time than ordinary housing construction to shorten more than half, and container housing more environmentally friendly energy-saving, no construction waste, materials can be recycled. Container construction house is widely used, with people’s understanding of container housing deepening, container housing use will be more and more extensive.

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