Welfare Facilities For Construction Sites

Welfare Facilities For Construction Sites can provide more space for your workers and can be customized according to any specification your needs. The standard modular container house is 20ft, which is cost-effective because it does not require a lot of installation work.

Welfare Units are faster and easier to install, thus reducing construction time. This is the benefit of saving you money and time. Welfare Units uses an economical wallboard design, which can save money in the production process. According to the waste and resources action plan, modular buildings can reduce waste materials by up to 90%. As part of its cost-effectiveness, Welfare Facilities are rugged and usually require minimal maintenance.

Top Welfare Facilities Supplier in China

You can rest assured about the quality of the Portable Welfare Units. Our company has been engaged in this industry for decades, and the reputation in the industry is obvious to all. We not only have a complete industrial chain of design, sales, installation, and after-sales but also have a certain degree of welfare for customers who buy our products. Let’s help you solve your confusion.

We are located in a province with a large population. The factory is located in an industrial area in the suburbs. Land lease and labor are much cheaper than in big cities. So we can guarantee that our processing costs are relatively low.

Design: We have a professional designer with 10 years of experience to provide you with one-to-one service.

Packing and Delivery: For each part, we will label and take photos to facilitate your inspection and ready-made installation after receiving the goods. (This label is strictly in accordance with the drawings one-to-one correspondence);

Our packing masters are very experienced and will maximize the use of the space of the shipping container, help you save transportation cost, and also ensure that the goods will not be bumped or damaged during transportation.

Installation: After you receive the goods, our team will carefully guide you to install it and help you finish the project.
If necessary, we can also produce a 3D drawing so that you can see your project clearly.

After-Service: After the project is completed, if there is any problem,
you can contact us at any time, and we will do our best to help you.

When Are Welfare Units Appropriate?

For short-term work (lasting one month or less) or in some cases,
You only need to provide temporary housing for the workers. After the project is completed, you need to move to the next site and continue to use the houses.
Then you can consider welfare units.

As an independent unit that can be moved to the location easily and quickly, the mobile welfare units are particularly effective method that can meet all your requirements at once.

Tell us your budget and requirements for the size and layout, we can customize a design that suits you, and we will consider everything from design, production, delivery, and on-site installation guidance for you.
Normally, the design life of our house is about 20 years. We will equip it with corresponding materials according to the climate of the project site to maximize the life of the house and ensure the maximum benefit for you.

The Benefits of a Welfare Unit

Convenience and Efficiency

Welfare Facilities are easy to assemble. It has lots of advantages, environmental protection, convenience, flexibility, efficiency, and safety of container houses have become more prominent.

Productivity and Morale

Welfare Units can serve as dormitories, offices, and camps. It can be customized according to your needs. Any size and color could be achieved by our professional skills. With 15 years of development, K-Home has become a complicated company and has offered solutions for many countries. and our sale-serves are obvious to people. We will do better in Portable Welfare Units and serve you earnestly. This is our pursuit.

Sanitation and the Environment

Welfare Facilities For Construction Sites satisfy the basic requirements of outdoor housing. It is wind-resistant and well-positioned to protect itself from heavy rain and earthquake. Its sandwich panel wall can keep the house warm. And what impressed customers are that these Portable Welfare Units can set up an electric circuit. Isn’t such houses ideal for people? All in all, such houses enable people a comfortable life.

Legal Compliance

Our manufacturing ability is 500 pcs per month, can make and deliver the houses in the shortest time. We have a comprehensive quality management system, ISO, CE, and SGS quality system control. The whole production is progressed under strict quality control, we can provide you the quality certificate before delivery.

What Are The Minimum Requirements of Welfare Facilities?

Welfare Facilities For Construction Sites first need to meet the most basic accommodation requirements. Workers need to have a clean and safe place to rest after a busy day.

Secondly, on the basis of the minimum requirements, try to improve the quality of life of workers, such as providing workers with bathing and entertainment facilities, which can ensure the workers’ personal hygiene, and at the same time, workers can entertain and relax when they are resting.
In this way, in a comfortable environment, I believe that their work efficiency will be greatly improved.


Do we buy or hire a Welfare Facilities?

If you need to use this welfare unit for a long time, we suggest you buy one, because the cost of a long-term lease will be higher than the cost of your purchase.
And if you don’t use it later, you can sell it to others, even if you sell it at the price of scrap, it can save you a lot of money.

What are the welfare facilities required while working in the construction industry?

Construction Site Accommodation;
Campsite Toilet And Shower Blocks;
Portable Medical Clinic;
Construction Site Office Cabin;
Prefabricated Kitchen Units;
Temporary Canteen Facilities.

Why do we need welfare facilities?

You need to change sites frequently, or your project is urgent and needs to be delivered quickly.
Then welfare facilities are very suitable for you.
Because Welfare Facilities For Construction Sites are temporary buildings with low investment cost and quick installation. The key is that they can be moved as a whole without disassembly.

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