Modular Bunkhouse As New Trend

As a new architectural form, the container-type modular bunkhouse has the incomparable advantages of traditional buildings such as prefabricated modularity, strong corrosion-resistance, mobility, flexibility, recyclability, and economical benefits. It allows us to see new ideas in the subdivision of future architectural development. The portable bunk house can not only complete the space creation and expression of the building and the environment itself but also contribute to the recycling of resources and the development of society.


Modular Portable Bunk house for Temporary Use

The modular bunkhouse has the attributes of many emerging building systems such as industrialized buildings, steel structure buildings, prefabricated buildings, modular buildings, and green buildings, and has the advantages of high modularity, strong safety, and green recyclability.


Standardization is one of the most significant features of prefab bunkhouses. We usually see the most standard sizes of 20 feet and 40 feet, that is, the length is mainly 6m and 12m, the height is about 2.8m, and the width is 2.4m or 3m. The portable bunk hous use a single container as a standard unit. Each container unit is an independent space module. In actual projects, building forms of different scales and different functions can be formed according to the way the modules are stacked and combined. If you need to meet more space requirements in the later stage, you can also increase the number of modules or expand the space of individual modules.


The mainframe of the portable bunkhouse is usually made of galvanized steel structure, which can withstand the pressure exerted by stacking on each other. They can remain strong even under strong winds and extreme environmental conditions.


All parts of the portable bunkhouse are connected by bolts, which are very easy to install. Therefore, when the project is completed, the prefab bunkhouse can be easily relocated and re-installed in another place, which is helpful for the recycling of the material structure and conforms to the concept of saving building materials and reducing environmental pollution.

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