Transportable Container Kitchen

K-home container kitchen solution is customized for various need, they are transportable and used for different remote sites, now it has been an alternative to traditional building methods. Whether you are going to do a catering business or need to solve the real problem of a group of hard-working employees, the container kitchen can provide you with a solution.

Container Kitchen Design

Transportable Container Kitchen

K-Home has extensive experience in the production of Modular container kitchens. They are widely used as follows:

  1. Oilfield canteen, construction site restaurant
  2. Food storage container
  3. Fast-food restaurant
  4. Commercial kitchen

The location of the container kitchen is very flexible. First of all, you need to tell us what kind of catering you provide and whether you need to provide an eating table. This information will determine the design and cost of your container kitchen.

What are the Container Kitchens usage situations?

1. Short delivery time or emergency needed

Your business may find itself facing a short preparation time to deal with catering issues. If you have a project that lasts several months to start, it is essential to provide hygienic catering services to your workers. This way they will trust you more and work harder. The traditional kitchen requires a lot of site preparation and takes several months to build, container kitchen can give you a quick solution.

Modular kitchens are usually delivered within a few weeks or even a week. Once cargo arrives at the site, the installation only takes a few hours. You only need to connect the external power supply and water pipes to provide healthy food and beverage services to the workers.

2. Remote construction site location

Generally, construction sites are always located in remote places, there is a lack of brick restaurants, such as mining locations, oilfield camps, so one mobile container will be a replaceable choice, the container is premade and installed on-site, there aren’t site work to prepare, the modular container can be used once combined.

3. The traditional brick house is expensive

Modular kitchens have become a cost-effective alternative to brick buildings, for projects that only need to be used for a short period of time. The brick kitchen is very expensive. According to our experience, The cost of a traditional simple restaurant can be as high as US$300,000. Container kitchens can save 30% on construction costs.

Who to Contact for a Containerized Kitchen?

If you’re considering building a customizable modular kitchen, K-Home can answer all your questions and give you a customized solution, call us to get one solution.

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