Oil Field Housing in South Sudan

Product: Detachable Container House
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Worker accommodation
Area: 60 units
Time: 2019
Location: South Sudan

Oil Field Housing
Container House


  1. This oil field housing project need the house can be assembled and put into use quickly.
  2. The housings need to move to another location after one project finished.
  3. The oilfield camp needs to have fully equipment functional areas.
  4. Keep the total construction cost low.


Due to the urgency of the project time, our team organized an online meeting, discussed more project details with the manager as soon as we received inquiry. such as detailed dimensions, For reducing the installation work on the client’s site, we recommend our clients use the portable container structure as the oil field lodging. Compare to the traditional building, the modular design of oil field housing can be produced all materials in our factory, including the basic electricity such as lamps and electric wires, and clients don’t need to do site process work, which will save a lot of time and labor on the installation site.

After the oilfield housing arriving the site, the client only needs to assemble them together like building a block. We will provide a full set of installation guidance including installation video, installation manual, and construction drawings. During the installation process, if there are any questions, we can use a video meeting to guide the installation at any time.

The portable container structure is transported by the shipping container. All material will be connected by bolts and loaded loosely will also make full use of the shipping container space, saving a lot in transportation costs. One 40’HQ shipping container can load about 200 square meters of the house totally.

The container module has a very flexible design. We can design the whole oilfield housing based on the clients ‘requirements on the size and layout. No matter you need to build accommodation, office, kitchen, or other uses, we can always achieve the plan for you.


Khome had provided a turnkey solution for clients from design, manufacture, transportation to installation guidance. The oilfield camp was put into use in a short time under our installation guidance. The client said, “Khome has found a perfect way to provide a temporary house for workers in the remote areas. When workers have a comfortable and safe house to rest in, they are more likely to have a better performance on the job.”

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