Prefabricated Flat Pack Container House

Prefabricated container house is a sustainable building solution for expanding site camp, designed to be energy-efficient and flexible working spaces. The 20ft (6m) container house is the base model self-contained unit. We can fabricate a lot of units within 10 days and transport to your construction site. We can also come with a built-in kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and custom fold-down bed/lounge- All fittings meet your needs. Minimal onsite work costs mean you can move in the container buildings instantly without the disruptions of conventional building construction.

Flat Pack Container House China Manufacturer

K-home is a high-quality flat pack container house manufacturer, preferred in construction site buildings. Fast production, fast service, and response to the needs of large-scale engineering construction housing in a short time are very important. In order to meet this demand, k-home modular container houses are favored in the construction industry because they have short production time, short installation time, low cost, and can be put into use immediately.
K-home is a leading supplier of custom packaged container homes. Located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China, we design and build modular container homes in collaboration with clients around the world. Whether you are housing in a remote area, a temporary school, emergency hospital, and more, our team can provide the perfect planning and delivery solution. We have executed many modular container building projects, especially in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

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Product Details

Customized Options

1. Be Sure The Size Of the Container Unit

The standard size of KHOME container unit is 20ft (6000mm L*3000mm W*2850mm H). If you need to customize, please tell us your requirements and the location of the wall partition.

20ft Container House

2. Choose Exterior Colors & Wall Materials

Please contact us to determine the color of the exterior steel plate and the material of the wall panel.
The commonly used steel plate colors are as follows:

Wall panel materials include:
No.Wall Panel TypesThicknessOptions
1Rockwool Sandwich Panel50mm/75mm/100mmthe most cost-effective choice
2PU Sandwich Panel50mm/75mm/100mmhigh-end choice, better performance, more beautiful
3EPS Foam Sandwich Panel50mm/75mm/100mmthe cheapest option, the shorter service life choice

3. Flooring Options

Flooring TypesOptions
Glass Fiber Magnesium BoardGeneral
Composite Wood FloorCustomized
Solid Wood FloorCustomized
Cement FloorCustomized
Vinyl FloorCustomized
Glass Fiber Magnesium Board

4. Roof Options

Roof OptionsParameter
Roof Color Blue, Red
Roofing Material0.426mm Steel Wave Roof Tile
Roof Sandwich Panel SelectionThickness: 50Mm 
 Materials: Rockwool Sandwich panel/EPS Foam Sandwich Panel
Roof Type SelectionFlat Roof
 Double Pitch Roof: Provide Slopes Of Two Triangular Structure Roofs
Flat Roof
Double Pitch Roof

K-home container house has a complete internal drainage system, so the standard configuration is a flat roof. If your area is a lot of rain throughout the year, or you just want to look more beautiful, it is recommended that you choose the double-pitched roof. In addition, the roof color is generally blue and red, please contact us for specific customization requirements.

What is Prefabricated Flat Pack Container House?

The Prefabricated Container House evolved from shipping containers, using the “factory prefabrication and on-site installation” model. After the structural construction and interior decoration of each module are completed in the factory assembly line, they are transported to the project site and quickly assembled into a container house building, reducing the house construction time by more than 60% compared with traditional buildings.

How To Install a Flat Pack Container House ?

For non-professionals, building a container house is not easy. In order to let you know more details, we have made the installation video of the standard container unit.

If you still don’t understand this installation procedure, please contact us directly and we will provide you with more professional installation instructions.

Download Catalogs

Roof   System
Steel   frameThe steel frame is Q235 galvanized fitting;
Roof   insulationThe ceiling is blue color steel pre-coated 0.4mm outside strong steel sheet;
With 50mm glass   wool insulation material;
Roof   ceilingThe ceiling is shaped steel plate with different pattern
Floor   System
Steel   frame3mm   Galvanized Steel for main structure + 1.5mm square tube for the secondary   beam
Floor15mm   chipboard + PVC leather floor
Column   System
Column2.5mm   Shaped Galvanized Steel
Wall System
Wall   Panel Material: Rock Wool/PU/PIR Sandwich   Panel 
The outside color is light silver-gray (0.35mm thickness steel );
Inside is white color steel (0.35mm thickness steel ).
Door   & Window System
One DoorMaterial: Steel   door
Two   WindowsMaterial: Aluminum   alloy steel double hollow glass sliding window (including screens)
Electric   SystemIncludes:   one ordinary LED light, A-SW double sockets 2set, A-SW air-switch 2 set,
Electrical box with   safety protection device connecting cable for connecting;
AccessoriesElectric wire; Sealant; Wiring tube; Screws and other accessories.

Flat Pack Container House Features

  • Galvanized Steel Frame, Windproof And Shockproof.
  • Water Collecting System Or Extra Slop Roof.
  • Class A Fire Protection, Sound Insulation, Heat Insulation.
  • Can Be Stacked Into 3 Layers, Complete Supporting Facilities.
  • No Construction Waste Is Generated On The Construction Site.
  • Modular Design, Easy Disassembly, And Assembly.
  • Low Costconstruction, More Than 20 Years Service Life.
  • Can Be Used For Recycle, Especially Suitable For Construction Sites Where The Resident Is Frequently Changed.

Best Solutions For Construction Site Housing

K-home is a global supplier of flat pack container houses. our container houses are composed of detachable prefabricated kits, eco-friendly, affordable, customized service is the best solution for construction site housing. Whether you’re looking for a commercial space a construction site office, prefab school, or engineering camp housing, we can help bring your idea to reality. From planning, design, and material sourcing to building, delivery, and installation, we know that even the smallest details can have a great impact.

As a leading container house manufacturer in China, K-home has been adopting green design concepts and the mission of “making temporary buildings safer and more comfortable”, innovative and unique high-tech, and vigorously developing energy-saving, Prefabricated instant houses with environmental protection and other characteristics. K-home has achieved standardized production, equipped with a complete supply chain management system and professional logistics, installation services, and after-sales service systems to provide global customers with a full range of temporary housing solutions.

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What is Flat Pack Container House?

The flat pack container house is generally used in all areas of society. They are not only used for short-term and long-term construction sites and on-site office space, but also increasingly used as long-term apartment rooms, commercial rooms, restaurant rooms, and shop rooms. Its environmental protection and energy-saving advantages, ease of assembly, sensitivity, safety, comfort and practicality, and low-cost benefits are more and more popular and liked by people.

The following are the applications of detachable container houses:

  • Container Van Building
  • Inexpensive Prefab Homes
  • Temporary housing
  • Dormitories
  • Barracks
  • Office
  • School extension
  • Hospital

Why K-home Flat Pack Container House?

The container house is our newest type of design since 2019. We have updated many items to make the structure safe and reasonable. As following is our advantage:

1. More Sturdy and Durable

Both our bottom and roof purlin quantity are increased. Other suppliers are 10pcs and ours are 14pcs for the bottom. The mainframe of the product is pressed by a special steel plate and has 4 pcs 160x160x2480mm column, which is sturdy and durable and has strong earthquake resistance and deformation resistance.

container house steel frame
Steel Frame: 14pcs Bottom Purlin
Drainage System
Drainage System

2. Complete Drainage System

We modified the water drain system, each column is designed and equipped with 4 water drain pipes. and we design big water drain channel for the roof structure, even for big rain, the house will be very water-proof.

The drainage system of the modular container house is composed of four water channels and downpipes. When it rains, the rainwater on the roof will be collected into the water channel and then flow down through the downpipe of the corner posts to provide an orderly drainage system to achieve better drainage and Easier rainwater collection.

3. Stable And Firm

The flat pack container house could be stacked for 3 floors. Our column and roof, and corner joints are stronger, You could move the house very safely and quickly.

container house
Container House Frame
contaienr house
3-Storey Container House Apartment

4. Fireproof And Soundproof

Thickened Rockwool Wall Sandwich Panel is Class A fireproof, and the side panels have special sound insulation and heat insulation fillers, which can play the role of heat insulation, sound insulation, cold protection, and fire prevention. Can be moved multiple times, reused, hoisted as a whole, the service life is more than 20 years.

container accommodation units
Hoisted as a Whole
container accommodation units
Can be Moved
rockwool sandwich panel
Rockwool Sandwich Panel


Is It Cheaper To Build a Container House Compare To Traditional Houses?

Compared with traditional houses, the cost of modular container houses is much lower than that of traditional houses. A 20ft container unit is usually between $2,500 and $3,000, which is a lot different from the cost of building a traditional house. However, there are a number of factors that can inflate a container home budget.

What Are the Advantages of prefab Container Homes?

Prefab container houses are detachable, movable, durable, cost-effective, and customizable: They can be more cost-effective than traditional housing. You can purchase a 20ft container housing unit for as low as $2500.

about 15 years
The lifespan of a container house depends largely on the environment in which it is located. Generally speaking, a container-built home should last about 15 years without any major repairs.

It takes between 4 and 10 weeks for Custom Container Living to build a container home.

What You Should Know Before Buy Flat Pack Container House?

• Research the building regulations in your area: different cities may have different rules and regulations for the construction of foldable container houses. Before starting to build a house, make sure that you are familiar with the issues related to approval and are ready to consult with relevant departments such as the local planning bureau. Of course, the current container construction projects we have completed have been recognized in most countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

• Drawing/plans: Before buying a container van house, make sure you have prepared or designed the layout. If not, please send us your requirements for size and layout. K-home has professional engineers who can provide you with a complete construction plan.

• Geographical environment/climate characteristics: roof design, floorboard material selection, drainage pipe design, etc., We need to choose more suitable materials and designs according to your geographic environment and climate characteristics.

Purchase all containers from the reliable manufacturer  

There may be slight differences in the quality and size of container houses from different manufacturers. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a manufacturer that suits your needs and purchase them in a unified manner.

• Find the right contractor  

Choosing the right contractor can avoid detours, reduce construction time, ensure a smooth construction process, and solve many possible problems.

• Transportation: Before any transaction, confirm the transportation cost and delivery period.