Temporary Accommodation For Construction Workers

Khome is a leading provider of temporary housing for construction sites, field operations, government projects, non-profit organizations, and large-scale entertainment events. When a large number of construction workers need economical and comfortable temporary housing, the project contractor will choose our prefabricated k house. Some large-scale events use on-site temporary housing as staff accommodation and activity centers. Such as the Temporary Events Department of the China Winter Olympics.


Short Term Temporary Housing Solutions

Build construction site housing quickly has become a demand for many industries. Because of the special requirements of certain industries, the built house often cannot stay in that place as a permanent building and may need to be demolished and moved. Therefore, Prefabricated k houses have become the best choice for the site. All modular structures of the Khome temporary house will be pre-manufactured in our factory. Then it is transported and assembled on site. The whole installation process can adopt mechanical construction, and it is not affected by the weather. By combining accessories, a turnkey house can be built completely in a short term.

Why Choose KHOME?

Our services include camp planning, construction, and installation guidance services. And to provide temporary housing solutions around the world. In any case, our team will quickly respond to you to customize an economical and reasonable solution. Prefabricated k house is reliable and convenient, Khome is your preferred supplier.

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