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Barrack construction is usually built with modular designed containerized units. With the development of technology, K-Home has committed to improving the container structure design and manufacturing details. K-Home barrack construction now has the advantages of good insulation, easy disassembly, fast installation, and good seal. We can provide a turnkey temporary facility solution for clients all over the world.

Steel structure modular container buildings have the basic characteristics of residential use, such as building space function use, comfortable living environment, and building energy consumption. At the same time, it also has the special advantages of the modular building itself, such as low cost, stable and durable overall structure, green environmental protection and sustainable, convenient construction and transportation, etc., which is widely used in temporary buildings.


What is a barrack building?

For outdoor workers, accommodation facilities are indispensable. With the progress of the times, changes in labor conditions, and the need to build a harmonious society, people have high requirements for the application of temporary buildings and changes in living conditions, so the barrack buildings came into being and are getting popular on the market.

Barrack buildings usually have two uses, one is for military use. It is used for centralized accommodation arrangements for military personnel. It can not only be used in temporary dormitories, modular offices, command headquarters, and conference rooms, but also in public toilets, shower rooms, and recreation rooms, providing soldiers with a good living and training environment.

Second, barrack buildings are living and accommodation facilities for field construction teams. It is widely used in petroleum, drilling, oil extraction, geology, border trade, highway construction, etc. The oil drilling camping house is convenient for transportation, luxurious decoration, humanized design, enough interior space designed according to local architectural standards, and harmonious interior color matching. It is spacious, beautiful, and has good sealing performance, good heat preservation, rainproof and cold-proof effect, solving the problem of outdoor workers’ accommodation.

Barracks Construction Design

The charm of the prefabricated container building lies in its customizable appearance and the ever-changing spatial forms and has gradually become a fashion icon and a creative way of life. Whether is tourist buildings, temporary buildings, public buildings, family homes, event venues, or anything others, container buildings can be versatile and people can easily like them because in addition to the above advantages, they same time it also has a special art form, so it is a beautiful landscape in itself.

The barrack construction can be tailor-made based on the specific requirements of clients. No matter what kind of using space you need, please feel free to send us your requirements on the size or layout; our technician team will customize a free design for you.

Modular Construction for Barracks—Military

In response to the special border environment, K-HOME prefabricated barrack building gives full play to its own advantages of adaptability and product diversification to meet the special needs of military camps.

Army camp container houses are made of galvanized steel structure as the main material. It has good wind resistance and earthquake resistance and has a strong ability to adapt to the terrain and environment. Thickened thermal insulation material such as rock wool sandwich wall panel or Polyurethane sandwich wall panel can guarantee the military camp housing is moisture-proof, heat-proof, and cold-resistant.

Modular barrack buildings are prefabricated products that are processed in the factory and transported to the construction site for assembly and construction. This will save a lot in transportation costs for big quantities. Since its installation process is very easy and fast, using the prefabricated container house will also save a lot on time and labor costs.

Fully applying the characteristics and advantages of container buildings in the construction of military buildings is in line with the era background of green buildings and sustainable development.

Construction Site Barracks—Construction Workers

Barrack construction is also popular on the construction site because of the following advantages.

1. Movable and repeat use

For the living house on the construction site, being easy to move is a very important factor to consider. Most projects will finish in several months, and after the project finish, if you discard the living houses directly, it is a big waste of both money and resources. Using the container dormitory can provide a repeat-use solution for you when you need to change the project location.

2. Fast & easy installation

Before you start your project, providing a living house for your workers is necessary. The sooner you can prepare the living space, the sooner you can start your project. The container barrack adopts the modular design, and its installation method is very easy. Even people without experience before can master the method easily based on our installation video, manual and construction drawings.

3. Flexible design

Usually, the construction site accommodation not only needs a dormitory but also needs an office, toilet, shower room, etc. In this way, our modular barrack can meet your needs on space requirements. It can not only be combined together to make a bigger space but can also be stacked up for two or three floors to make a fully functional building

Prefabricated Modular Buildings—Oilfield & Mining Workers

Most oil fields or mines are bland and boring environments. For workers who work at least 8 hours a day, a beautiful living environment can guarantee them a good rest and stimulate work enthusiasm and increase pleasure at work. And container-type barrack construction can help you achieve this.

The insulation material of the prefab house adopts different materials with excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation such as rock wool, EPS, and PU, which are used in conjunction with the air conditioner to keep warm in winter and prevent heatstroke in summer. Roofs, wall panels, and floors are all made of fire-resistant materials to fully protect the personal and property safety of occupants.

There are also a variety of options for doors and windows, wall panels, and floor leather for customers to choose from. After installation, the barrack construction does not need secondary decoration, and workers can move indirectly.

In addition to houses, we can also provide furniture for accommodation such as writing desks, chairs, wardrobes and bunk beds. In general, the house can be made and configured according to your needs.

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