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Construction Modular Container With Maximum Comfort

Some people may ask: “Is there a kind of house that is green, environmentally friendly, time-saving and labor-saving when building, and creative, safe, and comfortable when living?” Prefab modular container houses give people a positive answer. So what exactly is a modular container house? Why can it become the same invention as electric vehicles and wireless Internet that will change the way of life of human beings in the next ten years? Let’s introduce the modular container house from our K-Home:

The Portable Modular Buildings are based on the container as the basic module, and the structure of various modules is constructed in the factory by the method of the assembly line. After the interior of the container is decorated, and then transported to the project site, the modular container house can be quickly combined into buildings of different styles according to the different uses and functions of the houses. (Such as hotels, residences, schools, dormitories, factories, warehouses, exhibition halls) It is more environmentally friendly, cheaper, safer, and more convenient than the traditional way of building.

Modular Container

What are Modular Container Buildings?

Modular container houses are more common in construction sites. Container houses have many advantages. In today’s global low-carbon environment, we have been studying low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials. In the process of exploring materials, the transformation of container houses will undoubtedly provide us with A new design idea.

Generally, we will see modular container houses on construction sites in urban areas. Some projects take a few months or a few years. The convenience and safety of container houses can not only meet the living problems of construction personnel but also can be used as office locations. The end of the project Afterwards, the modular container house can also be moved to other construction sites for reuse. The idea of improving the utilization rate of resources. In some cities, construction units or urban construction units have relatively high requirements for the design of container houses. Although they are temporary houses, in order to reflect the overall style of the city and represent the external image of the construction company, they will carry out special designs and decorations for container houses.

In the traditional construction method, from the foundation to the molding, it needs to be piled up brick by brick on the construction site, and the container house introduces the container element into the prefabricated building system, which retains the original shape concept of the container and integrates It can integrate functions such as overall movement and hoisting, and complete the flow of single modules in the factory for mass production. Then it only needs to be assembled and spliced at the construction site, which shortens the construction time of the house by more than 60%, and it replaces the traditional manual stacking method with mechanized assembly line production, which can save labor costs by more than 70%. The storage and construction safety are well guaranteed. At the same time, its own strategic business will be incorporated into the container development circular economy. The container is used as the basic module for refit, and the steel columns and sidewalls of the container are the characteristics of the stressed steel structure. The container unit is modularized, and then the unit modules are freely combined to form the basic structure of the house building, which saves a lot of steel and concrete in the construction process, so as to achieve the goal of energy-saving and environmental protection.

The Features of Modular Container

1. Easy to move

The modular container is a link of traffic circulation, and its use is very extensive. With the update and development of technology, the transportation and equipment of containers have been relatively perfect. The transformation and utilization of container houses are in line with the needs of transportation development of the times. The advantages of container house It is ① strong flexibility; ② easy to move; ③ no need for large-scale dismantling during relocation; ④ convenient for temporary living.

2. Safe and stable

The Modular container houses are characterized by being strong, durable, safe, and strong in bearing capacity. Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of the top, bottom, and front and rear sides of a 40-foot container reach 1.7t/m2, and the load-bearing capacity of 4 corner posts reaches 86.4 t, the compressive capacity of the left and right sides is 0.5 t/m2, the lateral rigidity is 15.2t, and the longitudinal rigidity is 7.6t. It has an excellent performance in windproof and pressure resistance. Because of its strong durability, it will not be easily damaged, so the user can live with peace of mind. In general, the basic structure of the container is firm and stable, and it is usually not easy to be damaged, thus ensuring the safety of the user’s living, and its good waterproof performance can effectively prevent the occurrence of rainwater leakage.

3. Environmentally friendly

First, from the perspective of its materials, it is mainly steel plates and sandwich panels in construction, so there is less waste. When the project is completed, the waste can also be recycled. Second, because the container house is a prefabricated building, it is very convenient to use. We use containers to transform the container house, which itself follows the idea of ​​sustainable development and is green and environmentally friendly. It realizes the effective use of resources, meets the needs of future economic development, and belongs to a green economy.

4. Strong adaptability

The strong adaptability is because the container house is a closed structure, which shows that the requirements for supporting facilities are not high. The site for renovation only needs to be satisfied with the flat ground, and it can also be equipped with a separate hydraulic system or power system. It can be explained that in some environments with better conditions or under bad conditions, the container house can be a complete living space, which is convenient for the needs of users in daily life.

Why Modular Container?

  1. Quick installation
    Modular container house construction is 40% to 60% faster than traditional construction methods, and delivery times can be reliably predicted and controlled.
  2. Cost-effectiveness
    Modular container houses use innovative technology to greatly reduce the cost of modular construction. Compared with the traditional brick-concrete buildings of the same scale, the economic benefits are better.
  3. Reduce reliance on skilled workers
    Modular container houses are manufactured in the factory workshop, and the specialized division of labor can use semi-skilled workers in large quantities, thereby reducing the dependence on the increasingly scarce skilled workers.
  4. Safe construction method
    Modular container house construction has been proven to be a safe construction method that uses fewer parts compared to traditional construction methods.
  5. Better quality
    The Modular container building modules are all manufactured in our factory. The environment and indoor construction conditions in the factory will ensure that their quality is easier to control and improve. The reduction of defects means the improvement of product reliability and, of course, higher production efficiency.
  6. Environmental protection and sustainable development
    Modular container construction is environmentally friendly, components made off-site require far less energy than on-site, and waste can be reduced by 70% during on-site construction. The sound insulation and thermal insulation performance of modular container buildings are better than traditional buildings, and the daily energy consumption can be reduced, which meets the requirements of sustainable development.
  7. Reduce distractions
    The construction period of the modular container house building is short, thus reducing the disturbance to the lives of nearby businesses and residents
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