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Want to work faster and more efficiently, especially when setting up corporate and site offices? K-home can provide customers with a one-stop service for building site Jual Container Office, including design and layout. The prefabricated container house as a modular building can be quickly converted into site container offices or dormitory containers, thus reducing development time without having to build a permanent building.

The standard size of container office/container cabin office is 20 ft and 40ft, or if you need other sizes, custom design is available.
It can meet your office needs at any time, any place, any time, any place. You can include facilities such as toilets, pantries, kitchens, meeting rooms, etc. to enhance the convenience and comfort of your container office.


Size – Office Container 20ft

  • Container size: 5,850 x 2,850 x 3,000 mm
  • Window size: 1,100 x 900 mm
  • Door size: 2000 x 1000 mm


Office container 20 feet or office interior and exterior arrangement

  • Electrical installation
  • Special steel doors for high security
  • Fully insulated with 50mm/75mm thick rock wool
  • Fire and corrosion resistant magnesium glass flooring
  • 2 aluminum sliding windows
  • 1x Light 20 watt + switch
  • 2x installation sockets


Some additional options – office container 20 feet or additional office interior setup

  • Office or conference room tables and chairs
  • Refrigerator, air conditioner
  • Closet for clothing storage
  • Custom modifications to suit your needs

Jual Container Office Features

  • Perfect for modular/prefab site offices, cabins, warehouse, villa, toilet, shop, hotel, camp, office.
  • Easy for low-skilled workers to assemble.
  • Efficient, low-cost designs that can be customized for end-user requirements.
  • The light steel frame structure is strong and reliable.
  • Many modular units can be stacked and linked together to create more space.
  • Neat inside: plumbing and wires are hidden into the sandwich panel.
  • Easy to transport by sea or by truck.

Jual Office Container 20ft

The modular portable office is a portable office that can be used anywhere, making the Office Container an excellent choice for businesses or those in need of temporary offices in a variety of fields, whether for construction, infrastructure projects, or even temporary conference rooms.

K-home Office Container has been certified to ISO international standards. We provide portable container office buildings throughout Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Kalimantan, and Anda region. In addition, we have regular customers and projects in Jakarta that we have been working with for 5 years, so you can visit and verify the quality of our products anytime.

Container Office in Jakarta, Indonesia

Container offices are perfect for remote areas: with multi-point locking glass windows and steel security doors on both sides of the container, fully clad and insulated walls and ceilings (PU or glass wool material), professionally installed electrical equipment and lighting, perfect for building contractors, industrial areas, or even as home offices, workshops, etc.

These containers are ready to be installed and used anywhere, requiring only a qualified electrician to be on-site to install and prepare. This 20-foot container office is classified as a temporary building and therefore exempt from IMB permits and additional commercial tariffs for commercial or industrial customers.

The sturdy container frame construction ensures safety and ease of movement when changing sites or projects. Portable container offices can be transported to any site in Indonesia by crane and transport truck.

Customized design: K-home has the ability to customize the container office according to your requirements. You can choose different doors, different numbers of windows or different window positions, electrical installed in specific locations, etc.

For large projects or bulk purchases, it may take longer to complete, but we can guarantee you the highest quality planning, design, and service throughout the process.

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