Portable Outdoor Toilets

Portable outdoor toilets are convenient and practical, hygienic and environmentally friendly. They can be moved to places where toilets cannot be built, but are often used by people, which can reduce environmental pollution and have many advantages.

The portable outdoor toilet is a very creative invention. It is not only beautiful, stylish, and durable but also can be moved according to people’s needs, which greatly facilitates people’s lives. You don’t have to worry about finding a toilet when you go out, especially in public places such as city streets and parks, etc.

The Scope of Application of Portable Outdoor Toilets

It can be widely used in various public places, tourist attractions, seashores, communities, conference venues, exhibitions, highways, parking lots, underground works, schools, military, sports fields, golf courses, construction sites, etc.

Going to the toilet is necessary for everyone. But in some special cases, toilets are not easy to find, and mobile toilets can meet our needs at this time. Compared with traditional toilets, mobile toilets can be said to be better than traditional toilets, which is why they are widely used.

The mobile toilet occupies a small area and can be installed and used directly. It can be disassembled and transported in time without damaging the urban environment. The wall is made of a reinforced sanitary EPS board. It is small and will not pollute the environment. It fully demonstrates the concept of environmental protection. It is simple and clean and changes the disadvantages of traditional toilets.

At present, there are many types of mobile toilets, including water-flushing and non-flushing mobile toilets. There are also mobile toilets that use solar energy to supply energy. Some toilets even have air conditioners, which can use various biotechnologies to treat feces. It is suitable for factory areas, construction sites, disaster areas affected by natural disasters, film and television crew locations, entertainment performance venues, etc. It is very suitable for those who are engaged in highly mobile occupations.

The Advantages of Portable Outdoor Toilets

  1. Aluminum pattern plate anti-skid floor and toilet, sink, shower, exhaust fan;
  2. The effect of saving water and electricity is obvious;
    3, sterilization, odorless, tasteless;
  3. Easy to use;
  4. It can be applied to the renovation of car toilets and public toilets;
  5. The failure rate is extremely low, which is especially convenient for the daily management of managers.
  6. It has the advantages of environmental protection, movable, combinable, and convenient transportation. And the internal configuration is higher than the ordinary fixed toilet.

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How Do Portable Outdoor Toilets Work?

Portable toilets need an outside sewage system; When flushed, portable toilets transport waste outside.
According to the needs, the sanitary system inside can be adjusted flexibly. You can use a squatting toilet or sitting toilet, or shower, and we will also configure exhaust fans to adjust the smell inside the toilet.

The Treatment of Excrement in Mobile Toilets

  1. Water flushing and waterless flushing suction mobile toilets
    There is a flushing device in the water-flushing mobile toilet. Generally, the water tank is placed on the top of the toilet, and a sewage tank is set at the bottom of the toilet. However, there is no flushing device in the non-flushing mobile toilet, and the sewage tank located at the bottom of the toilet is directly used. human excrement. Due to the small capacity of the sewage tank of these two types of mobile toilets, when the specified number of people is used, it needs to be pumped in time, otherwise, it is prone to overflow events and the pumping frequency is high.
  2. Circulating water flush mobile toilet
    This kind of mobile toilet is equipped with the intermittent aerobic and anaerobic treatment of fecal sewage, adding biological bacteria, using biofilm technology to accelerate the fermentation and decomposition of fecal sewage, and then recirculating the treated fecal sewage through a filter device It is used for flushing toilet sanitary ware, which is characterized by the use of advanced fecal sewage treatment technology, saving valuable water resources, reducing the number of fecal sewage pumping times, and fully demonstrating the environmental protection concept.
  3. Dry packing type mobile toilet
    This mobile toilet has no flushing device, and the excrement is carried by a degradable plastic bag placed at the lower part of the sanitary ware. Every time one person uses it, another new plastic bag is automatically replaced. After use, the plastic bags are collected and transported to the treatment plant for disposal. . The characteristics of this mobile toilet are that it does not need to be flushed at all, saves water resources, and is more convenient to collect sewage.
  4. Foam-blocking mobile toilet
    The foam plugging type mobile toilet uses the foam generated by the foaming liquid mixture to replace the toilet flushing. When in use, there is a foam channel on the side wall of the toilet. The foam from the foam box covers the inside of the toilet through the foam channel and has no odor. The toilet is flushed with foam instead of water. This system can meet the foaming water by collecting clean hand water, thus saving water resources to the greatest extent.
  5. Microbial mobile toilet
    The excrement of the microbial mobile toilet enters the solid-liquid separation device by automatically opening the bedpan, which can filter the urine, push the stool to separate it, and then treat it separately. After the stool is separated, it enters the fermentation tank, and the initial ingredients, wood chips, biological bacteria, and feces are mixed through the rotation of the screw propeller. After filtration, it enters the comprehensive urine treatment system, and is processed into reclaimed water back to the urinal through aeration, evaporation, decolorization and other processes to form a cycle.

In addition, some mobile toilets have added automation functions, automatically opening the door after coin-operated, automatically flushing sanitary ware and floors after use, equipped with emergency call devices and facilities for the disabled, and mobile toilets that rely on solar energy to supply energy. There are many types of portable toilets with generators and air conditioners.