Recently, the Environmental Sanitation Department of Xinxiang City has taken an emergency measure to alleviate the difficulty of toileting in crowded areas during the “Spring Festival” holiday. A new type of Portable Ablution Container with dozens of squatting seats was temporarily placed in sports on Renmin Road at the southern end of the central square.

It is understood that the public toilet was purchased by the Xinxiang Municipal Government before the “Spring Festival” festival this year. It includes 4 container mobile house-style public toilets and a special trailer. The full set of facilities only cost nearly 570,000 yuan. You can tow it wherever you need.

A new type of container house public toilet, with a washroom for men and women, one through urinal, one standing urinal, two toilets, and ten ordinary squatting positions in the toilet. There is almost no disability In the private room, there are 1 vertical urinal and 1 toilet inside.

According to the on-site staff, during the four days of use on January 30 and February 2, nearly 5,200 people were admitted to the toilet. The daily open time was 12 hours, which solved the shortage of toilet resources in the city center. The problem of crowded queues. Whenever there are holidays or major celebrations in the city, these mobile public toilets will be towed and carried to the required site in emergency situations. Until the end of the long vacation, the public toilets will also be laid off and rest on standby.