Low Cost Temporary Modular Home is a prefabricated building, each 5950*3000*2800mm (L*W*H) container is one unit. Each room can be composed of different units. So the design is very flexible and the size of each room is limitless. It can be customized to your actual needs. All components of the container dorm are produced in the factory, no need to do on the site. So the quality can be guaranteed to the maximum extent.

By the advantages above, our client in Puerto Rico after in-depth market research, our customers finally chose our products in the end.

From the beginning, we start from the family house and office first, with total order of 11 units.

The drawing as below

After the design was confirmed, we completed the delivery as soon as possible and successfully arrived at the destination port after 45 days of sailing at sea.
When the customer received the goods, I asked him how our goods were. He was very happy and said that our goods were stronger and stronger than expected, and the steel frame was very important.

As the special situation of the pandemic, so we send him our installation guidance, drawing, etc. He can make installation it very quickly as local without even asking us more questions about installation. He said it is very easy.

Here are the photos sent by our client

For internal decoration, the container dorm can be equipped with bund beds, single beds, lockers, desks & chairs, TV, and air conditioning. The containers can also have other functional areas such as public toilets, shower rooms, kitchen, and dining halls. Our professional technicians can customize the design based on your requirements on the size and layout.

Should you have any inquiry about container house, contact me for free guidance.