Prefab container houses materials and characteristics

The simple prefab house is based on the light steel structure (engineering structure) as the skeleton diagram, the color steel sandwich panel is used as the raw material for the enclosure structure, and the standard modulus series products are used to develop the indoor space composition. The prefabricated components are connected by screws. This is newly upgraded definition of environmental protection mobile homes.

The residential container prefab house introduces advanced modern home design concepts. It is a prefabricated house refined with steel plates, sandwich panels, bolts, aluminum accessories and other materials through a standard process. It has ready-to-use, mobile, and Recycling, recycling, safe, environmentally friendly, beautiful, economical, fast and efficient, etc. anytime and anywhere.

A type of movable container house for dwelling. Such residential containers are mostly purchased on construction sites or rented to workers to live in. There are also some cases of private purchase and rent. The greater advantage of the prefab container houses is its low price, and it can also be designed according to the needs of buyers.

Container mobile houses are prefabricated houses. It can save time and effort to carry out assembly and disassembly, maintain the universal standardization of temporary engineering buildings. Shape the core concept of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, convenient and high-efficiency engineering buildings, and make temporary houses enter a universal development design and integration The industry of commodities that can be used for manufacturing, supporting supply.

There are many characteristics of containers, which are widely used in engineering construction camp and are very popular among people.

The container house is easy to disassemble. The wall and roof waterproof materials of the movable board house are made of color-coated steel plate sandwiched rock wool sandwich panels. The door is a color steel sandwich panel door, and the window is a plastic steel window. Hot-dip galvanizing of steel structure is implemented. Container houses are mostly used in residential communitiesconstruction sites campgatehouses.

The construction of prefab container houses is reliable. The steel frame structure management system of the prefabricated house is reliable. The building structure design is standardized. The container house is easy to disassemble, and the container house installation only needs simple tools. The container house can be demolished several times, and the repeated utilization rate is high.

Container houses have various shapes. The prefabricated container house could be designed according to the natural environment and practical application requirements. The container room design is flexible.