Modular containers analysis for the rapid development

modular containers is a kind of simple mobile house that has emerged in recent years. Because this kind of prefab house is simple, low cost, good thermal insulation effect and suitable for living, it is widely used in the market. Modular containers can be converted into ground level officecontainer canteenssleeping quaters container and other places according to their needs, so they are very popular.

Modular containers in urban areas are common for construction sites camp. The mobile houses used in the construction project are temporary houses, which can be as short as several months and as long as several years. They must be demolished after the project is completed.

The container mobile house has the characteristics of recycling. After the completion of the project, the construction site dormitory and modular administrative office space can be dismantled and moved to other construction sites for use. The site of the construction site is different, but the basic space usage will not change much, and the residential container house can meet these requirements.

Some cities have special requirements for the appearance of the city, and the design and construction of construction site mobile houses are more particular. Although they are only temporary houses, these modular mobile houses often become the signboard of construction companies.

Industrial and mining enterprises mainly include engineering units such as mines, oil fields, water conservancy and electric power. The working locations of these companies are generally remote and change frequently, and the construction conditions in the field are relatively poor. Residential containers can meet the needs of such companies.

When the project began to operate, the company purchased residential containers as offices, dormitories, tool houses, etc., forming a larger living area. After the project was completed, these residential containers were transferred to other projects to make full use of the convenience and environment of the residential containers. The modular containers advantage of strong adaptability can realize the recycling of resources and reduce the impact on the natural environment.

In addition to the above common application areas, modular containers are also widely used in other areas such as temporary residences, sales points of real estate companies, temporary restaurants, and auxiliary facilities. Although these residential containers are not large in scale, their functions have changed a lot, and they often present ingenious design concepts, such as container hotelscontainer shopscontainer cafes, and container exhibition halls.