Temporary Site Accommodation Project in Construction

Product: Container Accommodation
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use:  Worker Camps
Quantity: 90 Units
Time: 2020
Location: China

Site Accommodation
Site Accommodation

Turnkey Solutions for Site Accommodation

Workers work very hard on the construction site, dragging their tired bodies back to the dormitory every day, just want to take a hot bath and lie down to rest. The construction site accommodation is a place where they can rest and adjust after a day of work. Therefore, only when the environment of the construction site accommodation improves, the work efficiency of workers will increase.

K-Home site accommodation is popular with its fast installation, short delivery, and effective cost. Outdoor workers in different industries such as construction and mining sites always want to use the simplest and quickest way to build the site accommodation.

K-Home is committed to developing the technology and provides cost-effective proposals for clients. We can provide turnkey solutions for clients from design, manufacture, delivery to installation guidance. Khome prefabricated temporary houses can be used widely in different industries including construction sites, oilfield camps, military camps, mining camps, temporary schools, and clinics, etc.

Features of Container Site Accommodation

Fully Functional

The construction site dormitory is the same as the traditional building; it can be equipped with modern facilities, such as air-conditioning, water heater, and so on. A WiFi and TV can also be installed. After work, workers gather in the dormitory to watch TV together, which adds a touch of fun to the boring construction site life.

Fast Installation

Site accommodation containers can be assembled in the factory and used directly on-site, or they can be assembled on site. Its construction is very simple, and the requirements for the foundation are not high. All materials are of the size that has been produced, and there is no need to reprocess them on site. All parts can be assembled only in steps.

Can be Used in Remote Area

The portable site accommodation is generally designed with disassembly and assembly structure, so it can be transported over a long distance after it is dismantled and packaged. Relatively speaking, this mode of transport is convenient and low-cost and can be reused if required in other areas. Even at the end of the life of the container house, the entire house material can be recycled, so that waste of resources can be effectively avoided.

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