Refugee Housing Solutions

Millions of people are homeless due to war or natural disasters. Container houses are widely used as refugee housing solutions because of their prominent advantages. The steel structure container for refugee camp can provide people a durable and comfortable environment to live in. This type of house can last for dozens of years, it is easy and fast to be assembled, and its construction cost is not as high as traditional buildings. Once the refugees don’t need it any longer, the material of the container houses can also be used for other project buildings.


An Innovative Refugee Housing Solution

When the government promise to resettle thousands of people refugees over only several months, the first important challenge is to find a quick and comfortable house solution for people. At the same time, the total construction cost should also be kept at a low level while promising the house function is fully equipped.

K-Home container for refugee camp has outstanding advantages in solving this problem from the following aspects.

Durable Structure

Compare to tents, the container-type resettlement camp can provide a more secure living environment for refugees. Under the standard material configuration, the container cabins can withstand an 8-grade earthquake, 11-grade wind and it is fireproof. If there are harsh weather conditions in the project location, we can also upgrade the material so it can meet your needs.

Fully Equipped

The container structure refugee housing solutions can truly resolve the basic life needs of people. Since the prefabricated containers cannot only be used as accommodation but also can be used as a kitchen, recreation room, administrative offices, temporary schools, portable shops, etc. After it is assembled, people can move in it directly. You can also use a TV, water heater, electric heater, wifi, air conditioning, etc. The refugee container village is like a real village, helping people to settle down for the new future.

Fast Construction

The material of containers for refugee camp are produced in our factory in advance, all the components are standard design so it can have volume production in a short time. So it will have a very short delivery time. Moreover, there will be less process work on the construction site. The design is already confirmed before the factory production. Workers can assemble the container house quickly based on our provided installation guidance.

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