Temporary Worker Housing Project in Nigeria

Product: Temporary Worker Housing
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Wokereforce Housing camps
Quantity: 1768 Square meter
Capacity:300 People
Time: 2019

Temporary Worker Housing


  1. There aren’t detailed information for temporary worker Housing design, the information they provide is only land area and low budget requirement.
  2. The required lead time for us is 2 times shorter compare our normal lead time


  1. Due to they don’t has any draft design, also their budget is low, our team prepare many referenced designs and invite a video meeting, we introduce our design concept and share how to low budget, also we discuss details, such as the local weather, how many people accommodate in one room, the toilet position etc. finally, according to their requirement, our engineer team do 2000 square meter house design within 3 days.
  2. In order to produce quickly to catch their lead time, all workers include superviser and manager in factory work day and night to give help for every step. Finally, we finished the production within 2 weeks. In order to make modular worker camp installation quickly, we arrange our installation team in Somalia, 10 workers went there and finished in 20 days with local workers.


Nigerian clients are very satisfied with our manufacture speed, also, they praise our agent installation engineer is very professional and patient to teach local staff. Now we all expect the next cooperation, and the feedback they want to be our agent in Nigeria.

Why Choose Us?

K-home is an experienced company equipped with advanced machines, we have more than 10 years export experience, we design and manufacture every house parts so that we can control the quality if you don’t have an installation team, our overseas installation team is always there to help you. whatever what requirement you provide, we’re sure to give you best customized solution to meet your need.

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