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The application of steel structure workshops is very common in the 21st century, mainly because of its convenient application and good effect. In many cases, these steel structure workshops also play an important role and are environmentally friendly. Most processing manufacturers, such as some current logistics Manufacturers use steel structure workshops to complete work points. This steel structure workshop has a large space, a wide range, and enough space for installation and equipment. We don’t need to worry about this. The change of times has gradually made steel structure workshops more popular. welcome. So what are the most popular types of steel structure workshops?

Commercial Storage Units

The Most Popular Types of Steel Structure Buildings

1. Brick Steel Structure Building

This structure is that the main frame part is made of steel bars and concrete cast-in-situ, and the wall part is made of civil fired bricks. The industrial workshops before the 1990s were mainly based on this structure, and were produced by manual wet work on site during construction. The main method is not only low productivity, long construction period, high investment cost, but also environmental pollution. The service life of this kind of factory building is generally about 30 years, and it is not earthquake-resistant. Once a large-scale earthquake occurs, it is easy to collapse. All are advocating building energy conservation, and with the change of the times, this structure will gradually fade out of the market.

2. Concrete Steel Structure Building

This structure uses steel structure as the main frame and brick wall as the enclosure system, which can meet the functions of large span, anti-corrosion and fire prevention, so the utilization rate is still very high, but the investment cost of this structure is high, and it needs to be completed after completion. If it is refurbished separately, its building materials cannot be recycled after dismantling, which does not meet the needs of sustainable economic development in my country.

3. All-Steel Structure Building

All the components of the all-steel structure workshop are made of metal materials. The anchor bolts, steel columns, steel beams, sandalwood bars, supports, etc. are all steel products. The walls and roofs are also made of color steel metal plates. These materials not only Light weight, high strength, quick disassembly and assembly, short construction time, recyclable and reusable, it is one of the most earthquake-resistant building types in the world. In recent years, my country has also successively introduced relevant policies to escort the development of steel structure buildings. It is believed that under the guidance of national policies, the future development space of steel structure workshops will be greater.

When designing a self-storage facility, it is important to choose a material that balances durability with aesthetics and maintenance needs. Steel happens to check all of these boxes, which is why it’s the material of choice for self-storage facilities.

The Advantages of Using Steel in Storage Facilities:

Resist bad weather conditions
When it comes to durability, few building materials can beat steel. Red iron and steel buildings can withstand high winds, snow, hail, and even fire.

Remember, the durability of steel buildings is closely related to the quality of the metal used to make them. To ensure your building is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and stay within specification, it’s best to stick to steel components made by large, reputable manufacturers.

Minimal maintenance requirements
Steel storage facilities do not require extensive maintenance to maintain their durability. Their minimal maintenance needs mean owners can save a lot on their annual maintenance costs.

Here’s a tip: To maximize maintenance savings, contractors recommend installing metal roofing panels with a protective coating. Metal roofing systems have an average lifespan of over 30 years, but with a protective coating and proper maintenance, they can easily last up to 70 years.

Fast assembly time
Another factor to consider when planning a storage building is assembly time, which can affect labor costs. Because the components of a prefabricated steel building are pre-cut and ready for assembly, it takes less time to build a prefabricated steel building, helping you save on labor costs.

Design flexibility
To maximize your return on investment, a little future-proofing is required. For example, you need to ensure that your storage facility can be expanded if storage needs increase. Steel buildings are easier to expand than other buildings, thanks to a wide range of accessory styles, profiles, colors and finishes for their components.

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