colorful Apple Cabin

Colorful apple cabins are usually used in cafes, bars, restaurants, small shops, hotels, resorts, scenic spots, offices, lounges, exhibition halls, and other purposes. With its smooth lines and beautiful appearance, the public widely welcomes apple cabin. The basic apple cabin is simple and elegant. It can perfectly integrate with various scenarios and adapt to various kinds of furnishings. It is the best-selling tiny house. Color apple cabin is upgraded based on the basic apple cabin. You can choose the color that is most in line with your needs. It can be applied to the lines and shells, making this colorful apple cabin your exclusive symbol. You can order the color apple cabin directly from K-HOME, or buy the basic apple cabin. After arriving at your destination, you can make colored spray or personalized painting according to your preference.

Colorful Apple Cabin Options

When you choose a colorful apple cabin, you can decide whether it with color lines or a large area of colored shell, which will bring you different feelings. K-HOME can provide you with 3D picture renderings to help you make decisions. Our professional designers can help you build a perfect apple cabin. Sometimes combining two apple cabins will also be a good design. However, it should be noted that the prices of the two kinds of colorful apple cabins are different. If your budget is limited, it is recommended that you choose the basic apple cabin and then paint it. This has more economic benefits. We can also provide paint services.

Colorful Apple Cabin units

There are some colorful apple cabins here for your reference. In fact, orange and yellow are the most popular in color apple cabins, and they look more energetic. This is just the color for your reference, not the size and layout. All the styles are customized, including the size of the glass, the size and location of the doors and windows, and so on. Generally, most of the color apple cabin for accommodation and office categories will choose privacy glass. For shops and cafes that are used in business nature, most of them will choose transparent glass. The nature of the exhibition will sometimes be an open nature. What colorful apple cabin do you want? Please contact us.

Colorful Apple Cabin Combination

The two-story colorful apple cabin combination is very attractive. You can choose the external staircase or a built-in staircase. The price of the built-in stairs will be more expensive, but it will be more beautiful. The two-layer apple cabin combination usually has a platform. You can choose iron railings or glass railings. No matter which one is, it looks good.

Customized Apple Cabin Options

If you want more design, such as the backyard office cabin, the apple cabin with decorative boards, the basic apple cabin, or a beautiful porch, you can contact us. K-HOME will give you a complete solution.