Basic Apple Cabin

Apple cabin is a container house similar to Apple, which is usually used in homestays, special hotels, resorts, offices, exhibition halls, shops, and other purposes. This prefab cabin is made of a light steel structure. The outer wall and roof are made of insulation materials and waterproof materials. The apple cabin is completed in the factory in the factory. After arriving, it can be put into use. It is usually equipped with living facilities, such as lighting, air conditioning, etc.

The customization of the apple cabin can be designed and manufactured according to the user’s needs. Whether it is color or size, it is customized, but we recommend you choose the basic apple cabin. The smooth lines of the white highlight the fashion appearance, and the light binds are perfectly integrated. The white appearance will not collide with the color of the internal soft outfit, which is more aesthetic. In addition, the basic apple cabin has a shorter production cycle and the price is more suitable.

Basic Apple Cabin Options

Basic apple cabins are also divided into two types, one with large glass walls, and the other with full glass walls. These two appearances correspond to different uses. If you need an apple cabin with a bathroom, the first one will be more suitable, and it provides a certain amount of privacy. If your apple cabin is used as a public space, such as stores, offices, etc., the basic apple cabin with full glass walls will be more beautiful. Of course, due to the raw materials, the price of these two will also be different. The basic apple cabin with full glass walls will be more expensive.

Basic Apple Cabin with large glass wall

The basic apple cabin with large glass walls has a wide range of vision on the front, which is often used for accommodation modules. In addition, the basic apple cabin is also could equate with a variety of modern living facilities, such as air conditioners, water heaters, and Internet to provide you with a convenient and comfortable living experience.

Basic Apple Cabin with Full glass wall

The basic apple cabin with full glass walls is the most popular apple cabin type. The full glass wall looks more fashionable. You can choose transparent glass, frosted glass, or privacy glass. You can also choose one side glass wall or two side glass walls. We provide extensive customized options. Sometimes adding a layer of lamp band to the outer circle is also a great design.

Basic Apple Cabin Combination

If you have decided to buy the basic apple cabin, then you must not miss the design of apple cabin combination. Generally speaking, 2-3 apple cabins are very well designed, and they can use the top space of the apple cabin to create a terrace effect. Drinking coffee on the terrace, and barbecuing is also a great experience. The blank wall can also be a creative design to attract people to take pictures and punch cards.

Customized Apple Cabin Options

If you want a more personalized design, such as the backyard office cabin, the apple cabin with decorative boards, the colorful apple cabin, or a beautiful porch, you can contact us. K-HOME will give you a complete solution.