Do you want a beautiful and affordable prefab house? K-HOME modular house experts can provide you with the best Prefab affordable housing.

The prefab affordable housing is simple and generous, simple to install, small in area, high in space utilization, and low in price. It can be built according to your own living needs. Prefabricated houses have become a new fashion.

The construction area of this prefab affordable housing is 150 square meters, including 3 offices of 20 square meters, a kitchen of 10 square meters and a dining room of 20 square meters, a reception room of 60 square meters. The reception room uses a large-area single-transmission glass wall to provide a wider view.

You can contact us at any time to make an appointment video visit. The size of the prefab affordable housing can be customized according to your needs. We also could provide you with all kinds of furniture and electrical.

1.Measure and lay the foundation first

2.Then assemble the steel frame

3.Install the external steel wall panels

4.Install the roof panel

5.Wrap the eaves

6.Laying asphalt roofing shingle

7.Laying the floor

8.Install the wooden keel

9.Filled with rock wool

10.Install the inner wall

11.Install the exterior wall

12.Install the ceiling

13.Install doors, windows and glass

14.Installation is complete