Prefabricated Restroom Buildings

A prefabricated house is a mobile, reusable building product. Also known as “modular house” or “mobile house”. It adopts modular design and mechanized production. It can be used alone or can be used in different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions to form a spacious use space. It can be stacked into 3 layers at most. Widely used in temporary places such as dormitories, offices, toilets, etc.


Prefabricated Restroom Buildings Cost

The price of the container house ranges from $1,000/unit to $3,000/unit. Many people who buy it for the first time feel that it looks the same from the outside, and the product must be the same. In fact, there are many factors that affect the price of the box room, mainly in the design and configuration. So according to your specific needs, don’t just pick the ones with low prices, and compare the configurations. Henan K-Home has been in this industry for many years, and it has rich export experience and is very reliable.

Applications of the Prefabricated House

Container house is very popular in various places, widely used in construction sites, municipal resettlement houses, post-disaster resettlement houses, workshops, warehousing, outdoor performances, large-scale events, exhibitions, tourism projects, farmhouse projects, and other commercial fields, such as the prefabricated outdoor bathroom, kitchen, restaurant, entertainment, leisure, office, storage, canteen and other temporary residential or commercial needs. They are all temporary places and have no property rights.

Even if it is a temporary building, some construction sites also have high-end demand for temporary construction products, such as the project manager’s office, the manager’s accommodation room, conference room, etc.; the construction site is limited by the site, only box-type combination room products can be installed;

Of course, in addition to some remote construction sites, he can also be found in the city center, such as small shops, temporary toilets for concerts, etc.

What are the advantages of the container house?

1. Sturdy, can withstand an earthquake

2. Low price

3. Meeting basic housing needs

4. Environmental protection and energy saving

5. No construction waste

6. Recyclable enough

7. Flexible assembly

8. Fast installation

9. Waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion

10. Can be moved as a whole

11. The service life is more than 15 years

Why Choose K-Home

K-Home is a dedicated prefab house factory, we can be responsible for the design, production, delivery, and installation. Our aim is to supply products that will make a difference in the present and the future. Our aim is to supply products that will help solve the current problems and offer the most cost-efficient solution for our customers in the long run.