Portable Office Container For Offshore

Product: Flat Pack Containers
Manufactured by: K-home
Purpose of Use: Temporary Office
Quantity: 48 Units
Capacity:40 People
Time: 2019
Location: Zhejiang

The Portable Office Container uses all environmentally friendly materials, and all components are assembled and welded in the factory. The top and walls are all-welded. It can be assembled by multiple container houses to expand the space area. Beautiful appearance, not easy to rust with many rust spots, container mobile house (two windows, one door, distribution box, fluorescent lamp, socket, etc.), the frame belongs to the light steel structure, including the ground, roof, and four-corner frame, its outer wall It is made of steel plate, which has the unique physical properties of construction methods and materials, providing a comfortable environment for the interior.

The Portable site office is mainly used in infrastructure construction sites such as Construction Site Temporary Housing, subway construction sites, municipal engineering construction sites, railway construction sites, highway construction sites, water conservancy construction sites, and company temporary kitchens.

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