Prefabricated poultry house is composed of various profiles, so it is relatively simple to manufacture, and a large number of steel structures have been manufactured in the factory, so it is equivalent to semi-finished products, and then only needs to be transported to the site for assembly. Therefore, the construction is more convenient and the period is shorter. The prefabricated poultry house is light in weight, reduces the cost of the foundation, and is fast in construction. It can be completed and put into operation as soon as possible. The overall economic benefits are much better than that of concrete structure buildings.

Prefabricated poultry house has simple and smooth lines and a modern feel. The color wall panel has a variety of colors to choose from, and the wall can also be made of other materials, so it is more flexible.

Prefabricated poultry house has the advantages of light overall, saving foundation, less materials, low cost, short construction period, large span, safety and reliability, beautiful appearance, stable structure, etc.

Steel structure are widely used in large-span industrial workshops, warehouses, cold storage, breeding farms, office buildings, multi-storey parking lots and residential buildings.


More economical design:

  1. According to local climate condition to select open type house.
  2. More economical and affordable by using wire mesh fence as maintainace.
  3. According to the situation of the project, the fencing wall panel is not used, and the open house will save money.


Good sealing & integrated design:
1. Suitable for the design of factories, warehouses, residential houses, shops, etc.
2. It is suitable for the situation where the temperature needs to be adjusted and controlled.