Do Container Homes Rust?

Like the title, will container house rust? After the general container house is used for 3-5 years, after wind and rain, rust will appear to a certain extent, which will affect the appearance.
Our modular container house adopts the latest design and technology, with a galvanized layer on the outside of the steel, multi-layer protection, and more anti-rust, and the modular house can be used for a longer time.
We not only have anti-rust technology, but we have also updated the design to maximize the customer’s body feeling and the service life of our products.

container hosue
  • An excellent drainage system on the roof system, the middle purlin is much higher than others, so the roof will have a slope, the water will flow down directly.
  • There are 4 water gutters above 4 roof beams, and 4 drainpipes in 4 columns, the water will from the roof to the ground directly. So that will not wet your house.
  • At each bolt, we will apply some structural glue to ensure that the bolt will not rust easily.

Some customers may ask, what if I want to use a container house as a toilet?

Wouldn’t boards like yours get soaked easily? Then be corroded?

Then be corroded? Great question! The answer is not easy to corrode. We will replace the original MGO board in the toilet with a cement board + waterproof felt + aluminum board. (They will be more waterproof, durable, easy to clean, not easy to rust), please don’t worry.
The followings are the ablution block project we just completed for your reference.

Container House Advantages

When many people consult our container house, they will hesitate when they know that we are a temporary container house building. Should they choose a temporary house or build it ourselves for accommodation containers?

detachable container house
Detachable Container House

Here I would tell you the temporary house’s advantages, so you can decide which is more suitable for you.

  • Affordability– Container house is cheaper than traditional building house, making homeownership a possibility for more people.
  • Durability– Anti-earthquake 8 grades, wind-resistant 12 grades.
  • Sustainability– You won’t be using up new resources when you purchase a modular container house, you’ll be purchasing a homemade from recycled material.
  • Room to Grow– You can stack shipping container homes on top of each other to create a larger living space.
  • Speedy– Container homes can be put together very quickly, making them a great shelter solution in emergency situations (for example, when towns have been wiped out by floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes).
  • Easy Relocation– If you decide to pack up and move across the country, you can bring your home with you.