In 2019, COVID-19 swept the world. Wuhan, China took the lead in using prefabricated houses to build two isolation hospitals, “Huoshen Mountain” and “Leishen Mountain.” Major hospitals have also added container fever clinics and container patient wards housing. KHOME provided high-quality container houses to the infectious disease building of the People’s Hospital of Weihui City.

On the morning of February 29, the infectious disease ward of Weihui People’s Hospital was officially opened and put into use!

The total investment of the container hospital project is 5.6 million yuan. We ensure the rapid completion of the project under the premise of quality, it has been completed and launched in less than 20 days after continuous construction.

KHOME provides the necessary container housing units required for the construction of rapid isolation wards. The container wards are all constructed to a high standard, and are fully equipped with washstands, toilets, and air conditioners. The ward is designed in accordance with the requirements of infectious disease hospital control, and the ward, work area, and living area are independently designed. The ward is equipped with a patient channel, medical care channel, and a dedicated channel for cargo delivery.

The container house is a prefabricated building, and all its components are produced in the factory. Prefabricated houses can be quickly put into use only by simple assembly on the construction site. Compared with traditional houses made of reinforced concrete and bricks, it is more efficient and cheaper.The prefabricated container house does not need to be re-decorated. It uses environmentally friendly materials and can be moved in after assembly.

Whether building a large hospital or a small monitoring station or clinic, container houses are a good choice. The assembly is fast and easy to move to another place. We also have matching security doors and disinfection passages. There are a lot of professional designs for container clinics, please contact us for solutions.